Chicago City Hall FOP File Vaccine Proceedings in Fierce Standoffs – CBS Chicago

Chicago (CBS) – The confrontation between Mayor Lori Wrightfoot and the Fraternal Order of Police in Chicago over the city’s vaccine mission is now in court after both sides filed a proceeding on Friday.

On Friday morning, the city complained to the FOP and its president, John Catanzara, for supporting a “suspension of work or strike on vaccination obligations.” Both state law and FOP contracts with the city prohibit police officers from striking.

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Hours later, the FOP filed its own proceedings against the City, Lightfoot, and Chicago Police Department. David Brown accused them of failing to properly negotiate vaccine obligations with the union.

On Friday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot reports vaccination status to all city officials, despite being warned by the city’s police union that half of the troops are at risk of being unpaid on time. I have set a deadline to do so.

NS Overlooking between the mayor and FOP It fuels concerns that the safety of Chicago citizens may be compromised.

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NS Friday 11:59 pm All city officials, including CPD officers, must enter their vaccination status in the online portal. If you are not vaccinated, you must agree to obtain a COVID twice a week until December 31st. This is the deadline for all city workers to be fully vaccinated.

City employees who do not provide vaccination status by the Friday night deadline may be placed in “unpaid” status.

Lightfoot issued the following statement:

“As the mayor of Chicago, I can’t and won’t wait vaguely while the conspiracy theorist rhetoric threatens the health and safety of Chicago residents and first responders. President Katanzara is a police officer. Many times deliberately misunderstand police officers by lying about policy requirements and refusing to comply with city and ministry orders or orders rather than subordinates, by falsely claiming no effect. In particular, Katanzara urges police officers to reject the city’s vaccination policy and requires all city employees to report their COVID 19 vaccination status by October 15. Repeatedly instructed to refuse to comply with the city’s legitimate directives. Katanzara encourages more than 50% of police officers to violate their pledges and not report their obligations. In doing so, we encourage illegal strikes and suspensions that can compromise public safety and endanger residents irreparably.

The proceedings are under the Illinois Public Labor Law and the Illinois Common Law, prohibiting sworn police officers from striking. In addition, the city and FOP are parties to a collective bargaining agreement that establishes terms of employment, including Article 5, which includes a promise to ban strikes. “

Police unions claim that half of CPD’s power is willing to go against the deadline and force bosses to send them home.

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Mayor Lori Wrightfoot said the mission would not change, and the Chicago Police Department brass claimed that the streets remained protected even if police did not obey.

Chicago City Hall FOP File Vaccine Proceedings in Fierce Standoffs – CBS Chicago

Source link Chicago City Hall FOP File Vaccine Proceedings in Fierce Standoffs – CBS Chicago

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