Chicago City Council avoids voter referendum and hands a map of the new district after a fierce battle – Chicago Tribune

The Chicago City Council adopted a new map of the city’s 50th district on Monday to prevent a referendum on ballots on competing designs by black and Latin city councilors and their allies, crossing the border between the two groups. Ended a racist conflict.

The map passed 43-7. This was just two more votes than needed to shorten the June 28 referendum when Chicago voters chose to design the ward over the next decade. Voting was held three days before the deadline to avoid referendums for voters on the June primary ballot.

For many Chicago citizens, city councilors are the most intimate and important relationship with elected officials. Starting next year, thousands of residents will have to get used to new contacts for services and complaints in many areas, thanks to the redrawing of the map and its placement in another district.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and many recent city council members say that parliamentary compromises are a better outcome than a referendum and hope that the body can survive months of pain.

The map passed has 16 black majority districts and 14 Latin majority districts, one more than the Latin party rally wanted in light of the Latin population growth throughout the city. It is one of the few Latin wards. It also includes the majority of Chicago’s first Asian wards.

Northwest Side Aldo. Felix Cardona, 31, was one of the first Latin city council members to sign a compromise. He said the deal puts residents first by avoiding potentially costly and disruptive referendums.

“As members of the caucuses and non-caucuses, we had to compromise, and this was the best compromise for us,” Cardona said. “But it doesn’t end here, so we continue to fight for the Latin community, business, etc. It doesn’t end today.”

However, while gaining the support of the overwhelming majority of city council members, the new map is not universally loved.

Far South Side Aldo. Anthony Beer, 9, tried to work with his colleagues early on, but he was locked out of the process because the Council’s Rule Committee tried to change his boundaries without his opinion. Said that.

“I think I’m one of the few people who isn’t part of the Kumbaya club,” Beer said. This is not a compromise. This is a trading map of the back room. “

It elicited an angry rebuke from Black Caucus Chairman Aldo. Jason Irvin, 28, said Beer left his Black Caucus colleague during the map design process. Beer demanded an apology, but it did not come from Irvine during the debate.

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In addition to beer, there were no votes from Southwestside city councilors Edward Burke (14th), Raymond Lopez (15th), and Silvana Tavares (23rd). Near North Side Aldo. Brian Hopkins, 2nd. Northwest Side Aldo. Gilbert Vijegas, 36th. And North Side Aldo. Andre Basquez, 40th.

City councilors Maria Haden and Byron Sigcho Lopez voted in favor of the map, but urged the city to adopt a process that could provide more information from residents in the future.

Many residents of District 36 are angry About the strange snake design of their new ward.

Virgas chaired a Latin caucuse and led a failed battle in 15 Latin districts. He pointed out that the design of his ward on the new map is a “true red flag” for anyone seeking to file a proceeding to challenge the boundaries.

Frank Carabrese, a cartographer for Latin caucuses, said compactness is a legal requirement for designing a legislative district in Illinois. “The 36th district is drawn to be as compact as possible,” Carabrese said under a compromise.

Still, Mr. Billgas, who is running for Congress, also said he hopes Congress can put the map battle behind it.

This map will be valid in the 2023 local elections. Until then, city council members will continue to represent the wards elected in 2019, but observers are watching whether members of the council begin to make decisions in favor of voters in the new ward. -Next year’s election.

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Chicago City Council avoids voter referendum and hands a map of the new district after a fierce battle – Chicago Tribune

Source link Chicago City Council avoids voter referendum and hands a map of the new district after a fierce battle – Chicago Tribune

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