Chess musical at Perth Concert Hall

StoreyBoard’s entertainment has grown with the production of CHESS THE MUSICAL. It is a big cast that shows a big performance on a big stage, and with the support of the orchestra and the choir, the whole performance is an impressive work together. The stage itself is pretty small, but the creative team really popped the performance and highlighted the emotions behind the story.

It’s easy to start with the impressive cast that is at the heart of this performance, but it’s the creative team that really makes the show.With Benny Andersson Bjorn Urbaeus The fame of ABBA created the CHESS concept album as an outlet for their ideas that didn’t necessarily match the group. The album (released before the musical) surpassed the charts and was praised at the time for its many layers and impressive sound. Music director David Piper has spent a great deal of time recreating the album’s original sounds and intent for scores that leap from power ballads to classic Broadway style to 80’s synth pop. Everything works perfectly. The studio-designed original album used by ABBA is very similar to ABBA and is reproduced as faithfully as possible. The 26-piece Perth Symphony Orchestra, led by renowned Perth-based conductor Craig Dalton, struck the briefs perfectly. The Perth Symphony Orchestra, which plays Anderson / Urbaeus scores in the Perth Concert Hall, will be an experience in itself, but in itself is the perfect backing for CHESS THE MUSICAL, with the orchestra’s position (near and around the stage) performing. Impressive atmosphere.

Director Tiran Park and set designer Dan Barber used a seemingly simple layout for the stage itself. The four large chess pieces serve as different settings throughout the show. BWW Review: Chess Musical at Perth Concert HallSome chairs and chess boards are the only other props used on small chess board style stages. At first the setup looks minimalist, but I’m wondering how it can convey different scenes throughout the show. But when rethinking the story (as producer Adrian Story wanted before it started), the landscape was stripped off and it works very well here. Little on stage, so extra creative work was needed to convey the show’s themes and ideas. Dan Barber doubles as a costume design, and on a fairly simple premise-all costumes are shades of white, black, or red-the costumes help convey the changes and differences that occur as the show progresses. Lighting designer Gavan Swift is also helping to take the show to the next level. In the game scene, the shadows dance along the wall and it’s always clear who the focus is on (even in multi-layered scenes and songs). A simple change from light to dark makes it clear where the emotions of each scene are in the story. It doesn’t explain it completely. Credits should also go to the choreographer Freya List. He makes good use of small ensembles to drive the show and add it to relatively small casts. Ensembles are used in dance productions, even if some parts of the show are focused on two major players in a clever and creative way that actually adds depth and intrigue.

BWW Review: Chess Musical at Perth Concert Hall
Fullcast and ensemble

The creative work is great, but the famous cast is just as impressive. Natalie Bashing Swaite is an excellent and complex Florence Vassy. Bassingthwaite is well known as an actor and singer, and CHESS THE MUSICAL brings both skills to the fore. Similarly, Paulini’s skills as a singer and entertainer are undeniable. She has just started acting in the last few years, but you should think that she is farther ahead of this performance.Seeing the two main women is an absolute treat and a highlight of the night

BWW Review: Chess Musical at Perth Concert Hall
Paulini and Bashing Swaite duet is a highlight

The duet of “I Know Him So Well”, probably the most famous song on the show. Mark Fars perfectly plays every aspect of the volatile Freddy Tramper, Alexander Lewis Great Anatoly Sergiyevsky. Lewis has gained fame in both musicals and operas, demonstrating both skills in this role.Multi-skill Rob Mills Is an excellent Walter De Courcey, an operational television producer who plays another impressive role in his resume, and Eddie Muliaumaseali’I as Molokov is rarely missed. His booming voice is perfect for the enchanting Morokov, but most of his singing parts were made for concert halls. Arbiters have traditionally been performed by men (and recently expanded to most of the show), but the proud First Nations female Brittany Shipway carried it perfectly and her nonsense. Characters are the perfect foil for other major roles They try to push their agenda. Eight strong ensembles are also great here. Off-stage time is limited (they spend a lot of the show away from the raised stage, but they’re still very eye-catching), and they really maintain energy and drive the mood of the show. I will.

CHESS THE MUSICAL is well known for its confusing stories. Director Tiran Park deliberately reduced it, and the rest of the Cold War parable behind the story may not translate well to the modern audience, but the core driver is still there, And the show runs in a way that has the motive behind it no longer matters. The lack of story in the show is not only supplemented by its stunning staging, costumes, lighting and a great orchestra (backed by an impressive choir). It’s before reaching a strong performance from a well-known lead. CHESS THE MUSICAL has many individual parts that are worth seeing individually, and these are perfectly combined in this must-see show.

CHESS THE MUSICAL will be in the Perth Concert Hall until June 5th and will move to Brisbane from June 8th to 10th.Tickets etc. Chess musical australia..

Thanks to Jeff Busby for all the photos.

Chess musical at Perth Concert Hall

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