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As a charity, your website has a big job. It can be an important source of information and support for your core communication channels, merchandising platforms, funding tools.

You need to get it right. To do that, we need the right people.

If you do not have in-house expertise, we recommend hiring a freelancer. And Pros and cons of hiring a freelancerThe biggest professional is the ability to buy expertise that you can (or don’t need) to buy full-time.

What is a web developer?

The first thing to note is that web developers are different from web designers. Web designers focus on the visuals of their website (branding, logos, styles, etc.). While the web developer is summarizing the main points of the site. It’s a much more technical role.

Most developers can write code in several languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, making them good problem solvers.Look at us Web development basics For more information.

For example, if your site needs to be branded, you’ll need a web designer. If you need to improve your mobile site, you need a web developer. Also, if you want to start your website from scratch, you need both a web developer and a web designer.

There are three main types of developers.

  • Front-end developer Code the user interface of the website that is the part that the user interacts with. Front-end developers work on everything a visitor sees, clicks on, or uses on a website.They often have user experience expertise
  • Backend developer In essence, work on the hidden structure of your website – how your website works.For example, if you need to integrate with a third-party payment system, or if you need to store your data in a database, you’ll need the help of a back-end developer.
  • Full stack developer Do both. The cost per day is high, but the advantage is that you can work on both the front end and the back end.

Below are some tips to help you choose the right freelancer.

Clarify what the job is

Please be specific about what you need to do. And it may not just create a new website from scratch. You may need a web developer to fix a bug in your payment page, make your existing website mobile, or build a new funding tool.

Accurately determine the scope of the project and the absolute deadline for delivery. Being clear from the beginning helps you find the right person to deliver on time. It also helps keep project parameters in place. Even if the boundaries are unclear, it does not help either party.

Define the experience a freelancer needs

Working from the scoping documentation gives you a clear understanding of the technical skills they need. However, consider other attributes as well. Is knowledge of similar charities a plus for the project? Or is it beneficial to have someone with a commercial angle? Is it really a tight turnaround? In that case, you will need someone with the experience of diving competently at the deep end.

How to find a freelancer

Here are some common ways to find a freelancer:

  • Personal recommendations Ideal – Ask a networking group, colleague, friend or post a request on a site like LinkedIn
  • Job board and platform You can post your requirements and link with your freelancer. You can try one that specializes in charities and nonprofits. Work for impact Or Bloom..Or try industry-specific platforms such as: Yunoji’sSpecializes in creative and technical fields
  • Recruiter It costs more, but oversees the entire hiring process.Try a charity-specific recruiter like Charity people, Or digitally focused Source Or Major players
  • volunteer It can also bring strong experience and skills. If you want to go down this route Do it, Reach volunteers, Or Volunteer matters

Charity Digital-Topic-Find Freelancers: Web Developers

Source link Charity Digital-Topic-Find Freelancers: Web Developers

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