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Charity digital #BeMoreDigital Marketing Day It will take place on May 20, 2021.The schedule consists of: 5 sessions and 3 workshops, All of these show why digital marketing is more important than ever, following the progress of marketing over the past year.

The workshop will be accessible and interactive, giving charity professionals the opportunity to actually tackle important marketing trends. Participants can expect to take away clear advice, some tips and tricks, and a better understanding of the subject at hand.

To sign up for one of the following workshops, simply sign up for the event, head to the event hub and select the most engaging workshop.

All workshops are limited to 25 spaces, so sign up now and don’t miss it!

Below are the details of each workshop.

Email the Road to Success: Master Class for Beginners

Effective use of the email platform is not easy. Charities have to ask a lot of questions on an ongoing basis. How user-friendly is the platform you are using? How do you take advantage of the features provided by the platform? How do you track and improve performance?

At our workshop, Charity Digital’s Email Communications Manager, Elizabeth Carter, will provide attendees with a detailed master class of email marketing. Elizabeth works with clients every day to help them optimize, personalize and improve their email marketing campaigns in general. She’s been involved in email marketing for over 12 years, so she really knows herself.

Elizabeth covers all the basics, including general layouts, simple and effective design tips, and the best way to create compelling and clickable content. It also discusses the more complex elements of email marketing, such as understanding and using metrics, reporting campaigns, and tracking points.

Participants will leave the interactive workshop with a deeper understanding of what they want to achieve with their email marketing campaign. They can gain a better understanding of how to create lists, avoid spam, improve accessibility, and more.

Digital accessibility: Creating content for everyone

The next workshop will discuss accessibility. Accessibility is an element of digital marketing that is often talked about rather than taking action. Having access to content is essential for charities. People tend to think accessibility is expensive and complex, but this workshop proves that it isn’t.

AbilityNetAccessibility and Usability Consultant Jess Cahill and Accessibility and Usability Consultant Arnaud Ramgoolam provide attendees with simple and easy steps to improve accessibility and become a comprehensive champion.

Although the workshop is presentation-based, it also provides participants with the opportunity to participate in interactive exercises and practice their learning. Jess and Arnaud highlight the key principles of accessible marketing and explain how to apply them to websites, social media channels, and other forms of communication.

The workshop will show participants, in particular, how to upload accessible images, create alt text, manage and track content, and more.

Social Media for Small Charities: Make It a Tool, Not a Task

Small charities don’t have the resources, time, and reach that big chars have. Often, team members balance several roles, don’t have a dedicated social team, and invest less in paid advertising. Small charities can struggle with social media. But it doesn’t have to be.

Rita Chadda, CEO, and Tilly Humphreys, Communication Coordinator Small charityProvides some important advice to small charities trying to boost social media. Their workshops leverage their own experience and provide some important best practice advice.

Participants can expect to learn, among other things, the essence of social media, the best ways to present a consistent tone and voice, the complexity of analysis and the best ways to use them.

Good hosts also show small charities how to extend their reach with limited time, money, and resources. This workshop is perfect for charities who want to liven up their games, increase their followers, and generally improve their social media output.

Charity Digital -Topic- # BeMoreDigital Marketing Day: Sign up for a workshop

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