Champaign revokes Clark Bar and Glover’s liquor license | Restaurant

Champaign — Mayor of Champaign, Fat Finen, has revoked the liquor license shared by the two local bars because of a “continuous non-compliance pattern”.

Feinen is the City’s Liquor Commissioner and licenses Clark Bar and Glow at 207 W. Clark St., C in the same building on May 3, under the same licensee, based on the findings of April 28. Signed an order to revoke. Hearing.

At the hearing, the licensee Phantom Inc. issued an emergency closure order imposed by Feinen on March 17 under mutually agreed operating conditions to reopen exclusively for a special event on March 24. I was told that I did not comply with the conditions of.

Rick Stone of Phantom Inc. refused to discuss license revocation as an ongoing case.

“This isn’t over yet,” he said on Monday.

Matt Roshley, Deputy Liquor Commissioner for Champaign, said Stone could appeal to the Illinois Liquor Management Board to revoke his license.

If Phantom Inc. does not file an appeal, or if it appeals and loses, it is “very unlikely” that the city will grant the same licensee at the two bars a new liquor license, Roeschley said.

Both Clark Bar and Glow were shut down twice in six months, first as a result of an emergency closure order issued by the city on October 12, 2021 and then March 17, this year.

Last year’s closure was resolved by a stipulated agreement, but the most recent closure was subject to hearing and ordered the bar to remain closed until May 1, provided certain conditions were met. Caused a license suspension.

Two of the conditions for resumption were to dismiss the three guards who allegedly used force against the customer and train the remaining guards to use force.

According to the testimony of the hearing on April 28, the bar was allowed to open on March 24 for a private running event limited to 30-40 people and staff. However, the facility will not be open to the public and will close by 1 am. March 25th.

According to a document obtained by The News-Gazette of Sergeant Roeschley of Champaign, Justin Prosser, who was working that night, testified that he had observed 40 to 50 people at the bar. Prosser also said that a man who was driving irregularly was in Glow early that night at an unrelated traffic stop around 2:30 am on March 25, when asked if he was a runner or an athlete. Testified that was not the case. ‘t.

In the security camera footage, it appeared that a group of about 20 runners started running outside the Clark Bar at 6:33 pm on March 24th. According to the city’s hearing document, the body camera footage from the Prosser walkthrough around 11:45 pm that night looks like a completely different group than the runners who gathered outside 5-6 hours ago. Was showing.

“The Licensee is to prevent patrons entering the facility from being part of a running group or the general public from entering the facility from the night of March 24, 2022 to March 25, 2022. We did not provide evidence that we had taken steps to confirm that we had taken steps. ”According to the outline of the procedure.

City officials also have no contractual agreement for the operating group to use the space, and the assembly is not limited to a particular space or area within the facility, both mandated by city law governing private bodies. I found that it was.

According to Roeschley, the bar reopened on May 1, after which it was informed that alcohol sales were not permitted until the conditions issued as part of the suspension were fully met.

Roeschely said on May 2 that he further learned that Bar’s state license had expired. He said a valid state license is conditional on having a valid city license and vice versa.

Champaign revokes Clark Bar and Glover’s liquor license | Restaurant

Source link Champaign revokes Clark Bar and Glover’s liquor license | Restaurant

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