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Classmates will attend Champaign Central’s Senior Dwayne Hubbard Junior in front of high school on Wednesday. Wearing gear from his “different” clothing line as a support show during Spirit Week.

Champaign — After a lot of time after 10 months of quarantine, Dwayne Hubbard Jr. needed something to break the monotony. Something is wrong.

So the senior at Central High School literally became: he ordered himself a T-shirt with the word “Different” embroidered on the front.

“If you’re different, that means you stand out,” Hubbard said. “People always want to be different.”

But as he sat on the word for a little longer, he realized that the concept could have a broader appeal.

Hubbard wondered who else the word “different” could represent. Unfit people who may be chosen for their size, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and everything else.

“I think everyone should be welcomed because everything is happening in this world,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard desk

Above: Champaign Central Senior Dwayne Hubbard Jr. is his father’s company, DVH Management Co. Reply to emails on “different” clothing lines in the office where is the COO. Below: Hubbard shows how to use a heating press in the office to create items for the clothing line that began this year.

It returned in January. Currently, in the fall semester of the final year of high school, the 17-year-old senior is the founder and producer of his own clothing brand.

From his office space in Champaign, he creates T-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits and accessories. All of these feature his own “Different” brand. He sells merchandise through his crafted websites and social media pages, and can deliver, deliver, and pick up.

“To be honest, the business is going well. We have a lot of support from our peers and family,” he said.

Hubbard recently completed a large order for his classmates at Central High. My classmates came up with the idea of ​​wearing branded clothing during Spirit Week.

Ordered by 30 seniors last Thursday and Friday, Hubbard went to work early in the week and made T-shirts and hoodies for Wednesday’s photo shoot outside of school on Monday and Tuesday. They called it “another day.”

“It was a pressure on time. After school, it probably took four or five hours to make all the T-shirts,” he said.

Some unit 4 teachers and community members like Julie Pride, the administrator of the Champaign Urbana Public Health District, got the item. Pride wore a “different” shirt in a television news interview.

Hubbard tracksuit

Dwayne Hubbard Jr., a senior at Champaign Central High School, is exhibiting one of the “different brand” clothing line tracksuits he started in the year.

Hubbard works on his business every day. Between the school and the basketball open gym, he goes straight to the office, tracks inventory, works at a heated printing station in the building, and presses the logo on the fabrics ordered.

His next order: Approximately 60 T-shirts for Franklin Middle School students and basketball players, where Hubbard has graduated and his dad is leading several teams.

“I enjoy it. I see it as a job, I feel like I’m helping people,” he said. “It’s perfect for me.”

DVH Management Co in town. His father, Dwayne Hubbard Sr., and his sister, Destiny, helped the seniors get started. Another runs under the business of his dad, whose son is currently Chief Operating Officer. (He has his own plaque.)

In last year’s school year, young Hubbard stuck to his father’s office while studying in remote areas. His father said it was a dream come true to see him go back to the office and work on his venture.

“I’m really proud of him when he sits in the corner and actually gets promoted to his office space and sees him make a big move out of here,” Hubbard Senior said. rice field.

Hubbard shirt

Dwayne Hubbard Jr., a senior at Champaign Central High School, shows one of the shirts he sells from his own “different brand” clothing line that he started this year.

Hubbard Senior provided him with early financial support when it became clear that his son had a concrete vision and took his business seriously. He sought to instill in his son the value of customer-first service — Hubbard Jr. tracks invoices, taxes, and everything in between.

And when the business began to gain momentum, Hubbard Senior was unbelievable.

“When everyone in different disciplines, such as white, black and LGBTQ +, was buying shirts, I was like’awesome’,” he said.

Hubbard Jr. will attend college, play basketball if possible, and study business while running his own company.

“My plan is to keep sending messages — I want to grow into 50 states, I want to be everywhere,” he said. “I feel that I can make a big impact on many people of my age.”

According to Hubbard Jr., one of the reasons for his urgency is that he believes the message of acceptance from young people like him, whose platform is growing, will be of great help.

“There are many people of the same age who don’t make the best choice because of the people around them,” he said. “And I feel like myself as a leader. I need to guide them that you can do something at any time and have a positive impact on people.”

Hubbard shirt

Dwayne Hubbard Jr., a senior at Champaign Central High School, shows one of the shirts he sells from his own “different brand” clothing line that he started this year.

Hubbard inventory

Dwayne Hubbard Jr., a senior at Champaign Central High School, will check the inventory of shirts used in the “different brand” clothing line, which began this year.

Central Senior’s “Different” Clothing Line “Fit” | Entrepreneurs

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