“Central Bank Digital Currency was created in hell by Satan himself” – Rich Checan

Rich Checkan, President of Assets Strategies International, says that one of the biggest threats to our freedom and privacy is the introduction of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Checkan spoke with Kitco News Editor-in-Chief Michelle Makori at the Freedom Fest 2021 conference that these government-issued digital assets will allow him to monitor every transaction the state makes and essentially track his entire life. Said.

“The central bank’s digital currencies were created in hell by Satan himself. They are the government’s incredible control over everyone’s bank accounts, creating a blank for the privacy of every individual citizen. They’re trying. They’re scary, but I think they’re where the central bank wants to go, “he said.

Checkan’s comment is that PBoC, the central bank of China, has already begun developing digital sources, followed by other major central banks around the world today.

Federal Reserve Board Chair Jerome Powell said the United States is the “leader” in the development of central bank digital currencies, although there are no specific signs of when and when “Fedcoin” will be released. I said I’m going to.

For gold and silver, Chekkan remains bullish once the current price headwinds disappear.

“I think you’re doing a few things. First, the Fed, and I was very critical of the Fed,” he said. “I don’t think they’re reliable for now. They don’t have ammo, maybe yield curve control. I think a lot of that is happening. [gold] Lower it a bit and I liken it to a pressure cooker. Pressure will rise to some extent, the free market will take over and its cover will explode. ”

For retail investors, Chekkan said there is one important question to ask a bullion dealer from the beginning before actually buying gold or silver. This acts as a lithomas test of whether to trade with this. dealer.

“If the answer to that question is no, no matter how great they are or what story they weave in … understand that you never buy from them,” he said.

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“Central Bank Digital Currency was created in hell by Satan himself” – Rich Checan

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