Center amends cable TV rules to correct dissatisfaction

New Delhi [India], June 17 (ANI): The Center on Thursday, 1994 Cable Television to provide a statutory mechanism for redressing dissatisfaction and complaints related to content broadcast by television channels in accordance with cable television regulations. Issued a notice to modify the network rules. Network Act (CTN), 1995.

Tweet on Notice Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakashjaba Decal said, “MIB_India has also decided to approve the statutory body of television channels under CTN regulations.” It is transparent and benefits the public. ” “Currently, through inter-ministerial committees, there is an institutional mechanism for addressing public dissatisfaction related to violations of rule-based programs / advertising codes.

Various broadcasters have also developed similar internal self-regulatory mechanisms to address complaints.

“But I felt the need to establish a statutory mechanism to strengthen the grievance structure. Some broadcasters also demanded that their associations / organizations be given legal approval,” said the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. I read the statement.

In addition, on the issue of “India and other common causes vs. coalitions”, “expressing satisfaction with the existing mechanism of grievances set up by the central government” and advising the framework of appropriate rules for formalizing grievances. Cited the Supreme Court order. mechanism.

“Broadcasters’ self-regulatory bodies will be registered with the central government,” he added.

Currently, there are more than 900 TV channels licensed by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, all of which must comply with the program and advertising codes set out in the Cable TV Network Regulations.

“The above notice is important because it paves the way for a powerful institutional system to remedy dissatisfaction, while making broadcasters and their self-regulators accountable and responsible.” (ANI)

Center amends cable TV rules to correct dissatisfaction

Source link Center amends cable TV rules to correct dissatisfaction

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