Center affidavit is not satisfied with Pegasus

New Delhi [India], August 16 (ANI): On Monday, the Supreme Court added that the affidavit filed by the Center on issues related to alleged government snooping did not meet the allegation that Pegasus spyware was used. About the use of Pegasus asking if to submit an affidavit.

Bench, led by Chief Justice NV Ramana of India, calls for a court-supervised investigation into government reports allegedly using Israeli software Pegasus to spy on politicians, activists and court staff. Posted an issue on August 17 for a plea hearing, and a journalist.

“We will continue tomorrow. If you change your mind, let us know tomorrow. If Tusharmeter decides to submit an affidavit, we have nothing to say. The Center has an affidavit. He added that if he is “reluctant” to submit, he cannot be forced to do so.

General Tushar Mehta, who appears at the center, said the issue was related to aspects of national security and was not as simple as addressing it through an affidavit.

Mehta asked if the petitioner would withdraw the petition for an independent investigation of the matter if the government filed an affidavit denying the use of Pegasus.

“We are dealing with a delicate issue, but attempts are being made to make it sensational. This issue affects national security. Treat this issue like filing an affidavit. No, the ministers involved in this sector have said the Pegasus issue has been rampant over the past few years. Revealing the facts will involve national security issues, “Mehta told Bench.

During the hearing, the petitioner’s lawyer repeatedly told the bench that if either the central government or its agency had used Pegasus spyware, the central government avoided answering the question, and told the court. Asked to instruct him to resolve this issue.

Earlier that day, the central government filed an affidavit and notified the Supreme Court that it had decided to form an expert committee to investigate all issues related to the alleged Pegasus snooping issue.

The center also denied all allegations of snooping and maintained that the petition was speculative and the accusations were insubstantial.

In its affidavit, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said, “The Indian Union will form an expert committee to investigate the issues raised, with the aim of dispelling the spread of false stories due to certain vested interests. At the beginning of the hearing, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said the center had denied all claims and had nothing to hide or needed investigation.

This is scientific, and Mehta added that he appoints neutral figures and experts to dispel false stories spread by certain vested interests and investigate the issues raised.

Mr Meta said that if the court approves, the committee could consist of independent, neutral experts rather than government officials, establish a committee, and allow the court to set terms of mandate.

Senior journalist N Ram and senior supporter Kapil Sibal in Shashi Kumar opposed the “limited affidavit” submitted by the center, saying the government must swear that it has never used Pegasus spyware.

“The Government of India must swear whether they or their institutions have used Pegasus. This fact must be denied or approved. This is the line in the affidavit submitted by the Center. No, this affidavit is the petitioner, “he added, adding that the government denied the petition entirely in general terms.

Mr Shival said the issue was about “institutions” rather than individuals, and that it was the judiciary and the media that protected democracy, both being attacked by Pegasus.

“France has launched a national-level investigation through court proceedings, and Israel is also investigating, but the Indian government says everything is okay. This is totally unacceptable to the government Pegasus spyware. Let me pledge that I used. What kind of transaction agreement was used and what kind of business agreement was signed. ML Sharma, Former Federal Minister Yashwant Sinha, RSS Ideolog KNGovindacharya.

Journalists Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, SNM Abdi, Prem Shankar Jha, Rupesh Kumar Singh, Ipsa Shatakshi, who are reported to be on the potential list of Pegasus spyware snoop targets, as well as the Indian Editor’s Guild (EGI), among others. (ANI)

Center affidavit is not satisfied with Pegasus

Source link Center affidavit is not satisfied with Pegasus

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