CBD Patches For Pain

CBD patch is a transdermal patch that contains cannabidiol or CBD. It is placed on the skin to release CBD into the bloodstream.

Some people prefer this method of delivery rather than vaporizing it or ingesting it via edibles and drinks.

While CBD patches are more suitable for specific applications like pain treatment, It boils down to personal preference.

How They Work

They are patched on the skin. The CBD patches contain CBD and other ingredients and delivered directly to the bloodstream.

When CBD is taken orally, it must pass through the digestive system first, where it is broken down. Sometimes, it is even excreted and lost.

On the other hand, a transdermal patch is applied on the skin directly, then absorbed as it enters the bloodstream.

Studies have shown that this application method enhances bioavailability by bypassing the digestive system.

In addition, it provides a more consistent solution than other topical methods such as massage oils and CBD creams. The disadvantage with these methods is that once the skin absorbs the topical creams, their effects taper off, requiring people to apply it multiple times a day.

On the other hand, CBD patches stay on the skin and deliver CBD over long periods, providing relief from symptoms steadily.

It is worth noting that delivery can be slow with transdermal patches, and not all CBD can pass through the skin. Normally, the CBD patches do contain a permeative agent or enhancer that increases skin permeability to allow the same intake.

CBD Patches And Pain

Preliminary research has shown that CBD is an effective pain reliever for individuals with conditions such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Generally, CBD has a history of reducing and relieving pain through traditional medicine systems. Research in the recent past has brought to light the potentials of CBD as a pain reliever. There are two different ways of how CBD works as a pain reliever;

  • First, on the endocannabinoid system to block the receptors of various types of pain, including those that are difficult to treat.
  • Secondly, they possess anti-inflammatory effects on the body, thereby reducing pain from sources of inflammation.

The combination of these CBD qualities and delivery through the skin makes CBD patches one of the best forms of nerve pain and inflammation reduction.

Research has shown that CBD patches are preferred over other methods because of their;

  • Least adverse effects
  • Constant and long term delivery
  • Localized pain relief
  • Localized anti-inflammatory activity

How To Use CBD Patch

Experts recommend that the transdermal delivery system demands direct contact with the largest area of the skin. A soft of the skin is also recommended for maximum patch effectiveness rather than a bony area. If it can be applied close to a painful area, the better for maximum effectiveness.

Application areas include:

  • The back of the neck
  • Inside of the wrists
  • The inside of the bicep
  • On the shoulder
  • On the lower back
  • On the lower thigh and behind the knee
  • Inside of the ankle


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