Casinos in Germany: the main features of the industry.

Casino in Germany review

Gambling is both a very fun form of entertainment, but also a dangerous hobby that can lead to addiction, which is equivalent to alcohol or drugs. For the player to get only pleasure, but not suffer from a possible illness, the German authorities have developed clear rules for the operation of such establishments.

Regulation of land-based casinos

Germany has a rather complex state apparatus. It is divided into 16 entities and each of these territories has its legislation regarding gambling.

Lend-based casinos in Germany are located, but to operate legally, one must obtain a license.

At the moment, 127 establishments are officially operating in the country. As a rule, these are large gambling clubs with a long and beautiful history. For example, the first casino was founded in 1771 in Wiesbaden and it still exists today. It is not only one of the most ancient, but also one of the top-10 of the best. Here you can play almost all gambling activities: slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and much more.

Most of the elite casinos in Germany are located in old buildings and palaces. This makes the establishment unique. Such casinos have a dress code.

In addition, there are age restrictions: some are allowed for people over 18 years old (such as in Berlin), while others are over 21 years old (Bavaria). This is because different regions have different legislation.

In all land-based casinos, players must pay tax on their winnings. On some territory this one you can give up to 80% of the winnings. This is done so that the player plays for fun and not for money. This reduces the likelihood of developing a gambling addiction. Also, casinos make up a blacklist of players who have certain problems, they are not allowed to enter establishments and are not allowed to play. This contributes to their recovery.

Not so long ago, a bill was passed that banned casinos from opening near schools, universities, and other public facilities. In addition, in a casino, players must be at a distance of 500 meters from each other. This hit small casinos hard and many of them lost their licenses.

Nevertheless, these gaming clubs continued to operate as usual. Local authorities turn a blind eye to this. Such establishments are more accessible to everyone, the size of the bet is much lower here.

Gambling in Germany can be found not only in casinos but also in many bars, cafes, and restaurants where various slot machines are installed. Here you can play for your pleasure and have a good time.

Are online casinos legal in Germany?

Until 2008, online casinos were not regulated by law at all. But after the release of the Interregional Agreement on Gambling, the situation has changed a lot. In Germany, all online establishments were banned.

However, the bill does not prohibit citizens from playing in casinos that were registered in another country. For example, is officially registered in Malta but creates the most comfortable conditions for clients from Germany.

The site was launched entirely in German, the system accepts euros. Anyone can come here, choose their favorite gambling activities and start playing. You can deposit and withdraw money using a bank card or e-wallet.

Among the main advantages of online casinos are:

Casinos can’t afford such a huge variety of gambling games as an online casino. Today there are a huge number of providers who create incredibly bright and unusual games.

To attract the attention of users, casinos are developing various bonus programs that include not only a welcome bonus but also VIP programs, numerous tournaments, and much more.

Many online casinos allow beginners to play for free in the beta version. This makes it possible to get to know the system better, try different gambling activities. Now the player will lose less because of ignorance of the rules or lack of confidence in their abilities. It is impossible to earn real money by playing in this mode.

The online casino works without breaks and weekends. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact technical support. Here they will tell you how to solve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Mobile app

Many online establishments strive to create the most comfortable conditions for each client, therefore they create special applications or mobile versions of the site. This allows you to log into the system from a smartphone or tablet. You no longer need to go somewhere or set aside time to visit a real casino. You can just pick up your smartphone and start playing.

The number of gambling activities in the mobile and regular versions of sites is the same. Here you can also deposit and withdraw money, receive bonuses, and do whatever you want.

What gambling games do Germans like to play the most?

30% of German adults admit that they like to play bonus buy slots machines from time to time. This is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the whole world, which has certainly conquered many Europeans.

Other gambling games that are popular in Germany include:

Most of these games are designed to test the player’s luck, as well as to test their logical thinking or bluffing ability. Each of the above games has its characteristics, different varieties.


Gambling in Germany is very popular. Large ancient incredibly beautiful lend-based casinos function here at the same time, as well as online establishments, in which everyone can play.

In many ways, lend-based casinos are inferior to their online counterparts. Everything here is as accessible and understandable as possible, there is a huge variety of gambling activities, a well-thought-out bonus program, and 24/7 customer service.

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