Carrie Bradshaw-style necklace brings Love Island back to life | Fashion

This summer, Love Island has Rainbow Crocs, Float Shorts, “Underboob“tops. But outstanding fashion takeaways can be seen in close-ups. Contestants Millie Coat, Chloe Burrows and Liberty Pool all wear nameplate necklaces. This is a jewelry item that Carrie Bradshaw made famous for her Sex and the City “Carry” necklace. It was overexposed in the late 90’s and is once again popular.

The Burrows necklace is labeled “Baby” and the pool necklace is her first name. The court signature “Sagittarius” is part of the plot in the series. The love token given to Liam Riadon, who broke her trust, and the necklace broke, Encourage fans See it as a “sign” of their relationship.

Away from the fire pit, Jennifer Lopez I wore a necklace with a charm that spelled “BEN” in connection with Ben Affleck. Joe Jonas When Kanye West I am wearing a necklace with the child’s name.Images from the Sex and the City spin-off And like that … Carry necklaces haven’t appeared yet, but the next series could boost revival.

Jewelery brands say there is a wider shift to personalization. H Samuel describes it as “a tendency to show no signs of slowdown.”Necklaces like Love Island Abbott Lyon, Report a surge in demand.Monica Vinada The charm of the alphabet.. They’re always popular, but “they’re definitely the hottest items right after the JLo spot,” he says.

A necklace named after a loved one brings out a personalized personality. “There’s something special about hanging the name of a partner or child around your neck, which is thoughtful and stylish,” says Asya Jones. Vinader is wearing her daughter Scarlett’s S. “I received a lot of compliments about the timelessness and the special sentimental value it has,” she says.

When most people associate a nameplate with Carrie Bradshaw, it actually has a much longer history, as revealed by Instagram accounts and research projects. Nameplate documentation.. Marcel Rosa-Salas and Isabel Flower named the jewelery in Victorian England and say that classic nameplate designs became prominent in the 70’s. “The nightlife, especially the disco era, promoted mutual pollination of people from different ethical and racial groups,” says Rosa Sales. “”[This] We have made fashion accessories such as nameplate necklaces more widely distributed. “

Flower says Sex and the City “brought a nameplate to a wealthier, whiter, cable-viewing American home.” As such, carry necklaces are often seen as the point of the necklace year. But this and the current trend ignores non-mainstream history. “There is a false and popular story about the resurrection of nameplates,” says Rosa-Salas. “Online retail and nostalgia-led fashion trends are playing a role …[but] For many, nameplates have never been out of date. “

Carrie Bradshaw-style necklace brings Love Island back to life | Fashion

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