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Why is this garden at 69 and Kenwood the perfect place to make art? What is the relationship between art and agriculture?

For me, planting a garden is like making a work of art. Even after sowing the seeds, I have the power to continue giving, and I think art works that way.

I read Kenwood Gardens as a $ 4.5 million project. What will happen when it is completed in 2025?

So I would like the area we are sitting in to be a sculpture garden. And I want artists from all over the world to make works in this garden. We would like to partner with an organization interested in growing food. Part of the space can be used to grow food and hire employees in the community. And I want to allow the artist to occupy this space directly. Our hope is to build three studios where artists can work and turn the garden into a backyard.

How do you think space affects the community?

Last night, more than 400 people were dancing and talking here. [Cook County Board] President [Toni] Prekwinkle looks back on the meaning of taking a vacant lot, revitalizing the land, and creating the beauty of the neighborhood.Alderman [Leslie] Hairston is really happy that this was once annoying. Already you can feel the change. Violence is a little depressed. A car that used to be speeding slows down because it’s like “what’s going on”. So it’s like you don’t have to put in barriers or humps. Sometimes beauty alone can change people’s behavior. Our hope is to first invite people to this space and show what this space is. We do it in public programming: We do movie and music programming here and teach young people about plants. It’s really quiet, right? Being able to come here and cool means that you can move a little further from the block and come to a completely different environment. And I think this is a luxury. It is a gift that you can be in a quiet space. That’s what the rich do. But it’s worth taking a walk in a beautiful place and not worrying about what happened in the crib. I think this provides that pondering space. It’s not something to do. That is beauty. I’m not motivated, so sit on the rock.

Are there any other projects you can discuss now in the near future? You have announced that you will transform the vacant St. Lawrence Elementary School into an incubator with an artist’s residence and coworking space.

After all, if hundreds of artists went in and out of St. Lawrence for years and could feel that their practice was better because of such space, it really makes my heart so happy. Probably.

How did you connect with Prada? And tell us about the Dochester Industries Design of Experiments Lab.

I had an exhibition with the Prada Foundation in 2015. The foundation was a beautiful place. People were very kind to me. It was like this, this is fresh. And they will call me from time to time and say, “Hey, what do you think of the other artists you know?”Or “I’m thinking of doing this in Venice. Can you help me think about it?” And sometimes it was also a mistake [Miuccia] Since it was Prada that I met by phone, I traveled a lot at that time, so I went to Milan a couple of times a year. Then our relationship was built.For me, join Prada [Diversity and Inclusion Advisory] The council was trying to create as much design fairness as I could and as much diversity and inclusiveness as possible for the company.Design of Experiments Lab is a project I am working on with Prada and we provide grants to emerging and established designers [of color]..The lab will be activated outside the retreat cafe [in Washington Park] And the office above the retreat. We are turning the retreat into a coworking space. It will also be the home of the design of experiments lab until the retreat grows.

Do you think there was such an environment when you grew up as a creative?

I feel like I’m designing the space I want to access. On the West Side, there were some of the best summer camps on Chicago Avenue and Plaskey, schools near my house. I didn’t realize that the West Side was a violent place because the park and school had everything I needed. We learned how to swim, we can kick it, we go on a walking trip. It was very simple. It is a track, grass, pool and you can play indoor basketball. that’s it. So what you’re aware of is that your formation doesn’t need much. I didn’t grow up flashy things, but I always felt like I was in a space full of love. What I’m trying to do is make the place look beautiful. I will do it. And I want it to be a kind of fly. But without love in that place, I would only do half the job. Or I did a little work. And I also know that the building doesn’t have to be big and magnificent to hold love. They can be very simple. Very, very every day. But they can have care and love. And when people enter my building on the block, they feel it’s special.And do you see it’s like love made it?

Care for the Garden of Love in Kenwood – Chicago Magazine

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