Can you get fired for crawling in Illinois?

Rockford, Illinois (WTVO) — After recreational marijuana use was legalized in Illinois in 2020, workers may wonder if they can be fired for drug use in the workplace.

of Illinois Workplace Privacy Rights Act “It is illegal for an employer to refuse to hire or fire an individual.” [or to disadvantage as to compensation or terms of employment] For individuals to use legal products outside of their employer’s premises during off-duty and off-air hours. ”

This means that employees will not be penalized for using marijuana on their own time unless they use marijuana at work or report to work under its influence.

Employers are legally permitted to set a zero-tolerance policy for marijuana use in the workplace.

of cannabis regulation and tax law “Prohibits employers from adopting reasonable zero-tolerance or drug-free workplace policies or employment policies regarding drug testing, smoking, consumption, storage, or use of cannabis in the workplace in a non-discriminatory manner.”

Employers can continue to have policies related to drug testing, smoking or cannabis use in the workplace, or job performance, prohibiting employees from using or being under the influence of marijuana at work. I can.

Yes you can get fired.

However, employers must exercise reasonable judgment that the employee is in fact affected at work. This includes documenting coordination problems, attitudes, unusual behavior, or carelessness at work.

State law does not allow marijuana to be smoked in public places such as hospitals, government offices, streets, and parks. healthcare weeklyResidents may smoke in private residences, including their own and friends’ homes. However, it is not possible if there are minors.

Illinois residents age 21 and older can own 30 grams of cannabis flowers, 500 milligrams of THC-infused cannabis products, and 5 grams of cannabis concentrates. Can you get fired for crawling in Illinois?

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