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These applications for the expected trade name were submitted to the Champaign County Secretary’s Office.

— Jackie’s Joys, 1303 A Fairfax, C, Jackie Pursley, same address.

— A. Co. A. Co, 4314 Doverbrook Court, C, Charly Franklin Kapela Pembele, same address, and CoCo Vapomodiri Kaya, same address.

— ADBEE Loan Care, 2614 S. First St., C, Anthony Bailey, same address.

— ADL General Construction, 2213 Rainbow View, U, Leonel Morales Martinez, same address.

— All sports training, 7 Canterbury Courts, C, Emery Williams, same address.

— Angie K. Eatery, 1213 Thomas Drive, C, Angela Smith, same address.

— B Smitty Cleaning and Services, 1502 E. Florida Ave., U, Marquisha Smith, same address.

— Black Thought Urban Media, 313 N. Mattis Ave., C, Dwayne M. Hubbard Sr., Same Address, and Seon Williams, 4406 Curtis Meadow Drive, C.

— CC Pastry, 3439 Stoneway Court, C, Clifton Reed, same address.

— Cloud Mountain Kombucha, 4501 Goldfinch Road, C, Kyle Schwenk, same address, and Aimee and Herman Baumgartner, 809 W. White St., C.

— Cocoa Turnip and Mustard Greens, 918 W. Vine St., C, Lizzie Mae Carter, same address.

— Dazzle Cleaning, 1806 S. Cottage Grove, U, Alicia N. Moffitt, same address.

— DP’s Beauty Supply, 510 N. Cunninghamm Ave., U, Diane Pye, 1208 Northwood Drive, C.

— Hunny Bunny’s 1501 Hedge Road, C, Joyce Catchings, same address.

— Japatt Sauces & Rubs, 2601 Fieldcrest Drive, U, John Patterson, same address.

— Joanne Candy Cart, 1912 Weaver St., U, Joanne Jones, same address.

— Joe’s Tacos, 1912 N. Willow Road, U, Claudia Valadez, same address.

— Johnmak Services, 2511 Southwood Drive, C, Jean Louis Makabu, same address.

— K’s Kandy & More, 1070 Pomona Drive, C, Kaneshia King, same address.

— Kyoot N Shek Jewelery, 510 E. Eureka St., C, Melissa Butter, same address.

— Lawn Doggs, 2108 County Road 2700 N., Giftord, Spencer M. Nicholas, same address.

— Lil Dee’s Daycare, 1208 Northwood Drive, C, Diane Pye, same address.

— Mockes, 507 S. Second St., C, Isabelle Zhao, 1410 Boyne Court, Normal.

— Morris Cleaning and Lawn Care Service, 1504 Philo Road, U, Ronald Morris, same address.

— Nesbitt-Howard Consulting, 903 Broadmoor Drive, C, Valeria Nesbitt-Howard, same address.

— Oestfreelancing Graphic Design, PO Box 5535, Rantoul, Sompit Oesterreich, 701 Willow Pond, Rantoul.

— Pearl’s Royal Inc., 1514 W. Green St., C, Jasmine White, same address.

— Peete’s Handyman Services, 104 Kenwood Road, C, Jason T. Peete, 1908 McDonald Drive, C.

— Photo Robinson, 1209 E. Florida Ave., U, Jeannine Madden, same address.

— Portal Entertainment Group, LLC, d / b / a First Gig Rock N Roll Camp for Kids, 201 S. Draper Ave., C, Thomas Grassman, Same Address, Peter Blackmon, 310 Oak St., Danville, Jeffrey T. Markland , 714 S. Lynn St., U, and Michael Esteves, 1503 W. Green St., C.

— Prairie Massage, 601 E. Main St., Muhammad, Jason Anderson, 801 Kimela Drive, Muhammad.

— Premium Solution, 1711 W. John St., C, Ivan Grant, same address.

— Purple Tree Boutique, 2304 Belmore Drive, C, Terra T. Larsen, same address.

— Q-ality Cultures, 1600 W. Bradley Ave., C, Roberto Quizon Jr., same address.

— Rayo Cleaning 2, 708 E. Sangamon Ave., Rantoul, Jesus Alonso Gonzalez Martinez, same address.

— S & M Professional Cleaning, 1600 W. Bradley Ave., C, Ashley N. Shaw, same address.

— S and D’s Kitchen, 314 E. Stebbins Drive, U, Dominique D. Sullivan, same address, and Sharon Hill-Turk, same address.

— Scrubz, 1301 N. Neil St., C, Chadton Winfrey, same address.

— Sunshine Second Hand Shop, 2 Fountain Valley, Rantoul, Norma L. Bonelli-Zook, same address.

— Synclerly Face & Body Co., 1547 Hunter St., U, Abrea Forman, same address.

— The Baby Nook, 507 S. Second St., C, Isabelle Zhau, 1410 Boyne Court, Normal.

— Time To Kleen Cleaning Service, 1426 Betsy Ross Drive, U, Erica Knight, same address.

— University Travel Group, 505 W. University Ave., C, Marshall Heriford, 19 Ivanhoe Drive, U.

— Wolken Family Crafters, 1817 Willow View Road, U, Paual Sue Wolken, same address.

— Your Worth Essentials, 900 S. Mattis Ave., C, Mahogany Turner, 1904 Sangamon Drive, C.

— ZK Prime, 506 Yalow Drive, C, Giovanni Auricchio, same address.

Business List, July 18, 2021 | Entrepreneurs

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