Bunnings $ 17 Indigenous Flowerpots Spread by Word of Mouth on Facebook

Adding decorations such as artwork and some plants is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your home space. So it’s no wonder this $ 17 Bunnings Warehouse has been released.

Hardware and garden stores sell a variety of pots featuring art from Warlukurlangu artist – One of Australia’s oldest 100% Aboriginal-owned art cooperation.

Beautiful designs featuring traditional Warlpiri designs and stories have been snapped by plant and art lovers across the country.

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“I can’t wait” until these are released locally Bunnings“A green thumb shopper wrote in the Crazy Indoor Plant People Australia Facebook group.

Others have said that online design photos “do not justice them” and plan to buy “one of each” of “gorgeous” pots.

“I came back two weeks ago, I love them and they’re too nice and durable cement,” wrote one.

“My partner went to me to buy some for my birthday today, and they were sold out!” Lamented one shopper.

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“I think I need some new pots. I don’t know what they are for, but isn’t that a problem?” Another joke.

The indoor pot series is available at Bunnings Warehouses nationwide and features 16 different designs by 13 artists.

The price of each pot is $ 16.99, and the proceeds directly benefit the artists and the Warlukurlangu artists of the Yuendoom art community.

Cecilia Alfonso, Manager of Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation, said the group was “excited” and “we look forward to a very long and happy collaboration.”

“This is a great opportunity to make our art and culture available to a larger audience. We are painting to share our stories and culture with the world,” she said. Stated in a statement.

“We are very grateful that Bunnings is ethically working with Aboriginal-owned companies to ensure that loyalty is returned directly to the artists and the community.

“We love the look of the pots and we are proud that all the featured artists have chosen their own images.”

Jen Tucker, product director at Bunnings Warehouse, said he was also pleased that the store could work with Walkle Lang artists.

“I’m happy to play a small role in introducing their work and sharing the story behind the artwork on each pot’s label,” she said.

“Our suppliers have a long-standing relationship with Warlukurlangu artists in the Yuendoom art community and have worked closely with them to make this project a reality.”

Bunnings $ 17 Indigenous Flowerpots Spread by Word of Mouth on Facebook

Source link Bunnings $ 17 Indigenous Flowerpots Spread by Word of Mouth on Facebook

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