Buddy Loans Offer Higher Payment Rates With Personal Loans

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], March 11 (ANI / Veritas Digital): Bangalore-based FinTech Startup-Buddy Loan, one of the fastest growing personal loan aggregators co-founded by serial entrepreneur duo Srikanth Buredy and Satish Saraf Is a platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, more than 10,000 loan applications are generated per day.

Created by Srikanth and Satish, Buddy Loan is an AI-driven platform that provides customers from top Indian lenders with the best unsecured lending options. A technologically advanced platform matches each customer’s loan needs with the onboarded lender’s eligibility requirements, thereby presenting the customer with the best loan options. Screening is designed to meet the requirements of borrowers and lenders, ensuring higher loan execution rates than industry standards.

Satish Saraf, co-founder of Buddy Loan, said: “Buddy Loan is a one-stop shop for borrowers. AI-powered platforms reduce the hassle of qualifying loans with different lenders and offer the best options on a single platform. At the same time, the lender will only receive loan applications that meet the eligibility requirements, allowing the loan to be processed and granted quickly, which will result in a higher loan payment rate. ”Buddy Loan Co. Founder Srikanth Bureddy said: Behind the creation of this platform was to increase the efficiency of personal lending space by simplifying the process for both lenders and borrowers. And we achieved that in a very short period of time. After successfully building the platform, our goal is to provide a great experience. Applying for a personal loan with a buddy loan is easy, immediate and document free. Borrowers can use a loan to meet any financial need and simply fill out a digital form for a loan application. The loan is approved within 48 hours through Buddy Loan’s lending partner. Lenders offer affordable interest rates starting at 11.99% pa There are no prepaid and hidden charges.

Buddy Loans have generated over 7 million rupees for loan applications. 6640 Chlore in just 17 months from its launch in September 2019. It’s a user-friendly digital-only platform that’s accessible 24/7 from the web, iOS, and Android apps. The app also allows users to take advantage of exciting deals and offers, as well as earn and redeem points at multiple levels.

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Buddy Loans Offer Higher Payment Rates With Personal Loans

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