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Antonio Brown, East Rutherford, NJ (AP) was clearly frustrated and angry. So he went away.

From Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And probably his NFL career.

After a strange shirtless exit from the field before Tom Brady coolly leads Bucks on a 93rd yard drive in the last few minutes to defeat the New York Jets 28-24 on Sunday. The mercury wide receiver has been kicked off by the Buccaneers.

Bruce Arians said Brown had left the team after the match.

“He is no longer Buc,” said the Arians. “Okay? That’s it. Let’s get out there and talk about the guys who won the match.”

Brown’s mid-game meltdown occurred in the second half of the third quarter, with Tampa Bay ending at 24-10. He appeared in an animation while talking to Mike Evans, who tried to calm his teammates. However, Brown stripped off the pads, jersey, gloves and T-shirt, threw the gloves and T-shirt into the stand, and then walked down the sideline with his bare chest to the end zone. He then waved to his fans as he jogged through the end zone into the tunnel at MetLife Stadium.

It seemed to be a sign of Brown’s frustration when he caught three times at 26 yards.

“I’m not talking about that,” said the Arians. “He is not part of Bucces.”

Brown was suspended for three games last month because he violated the league’s COVID-19 protocol. He also has a history of personal behavioral problems and strange behaviors.

“It’s a difficult situation,” Brady said. Everyone should do what they can to help him in the way he really needs. We all love him. We care deeply about him. I want to see him in the best condition. Unfortunately, it’s not on our team. … I think everyone should be very compassionate and empathetic to some of the very difficult things that are happening. “

Brady connected with Cameron Brate and touched down with a fourth to fourth goal shortly after Brown was sent off, and QB finished the Bucks rally with a 33-yard touchdown pass to Cyril Grayson with 15 seconds remaining.

Bacchus squeezed the Jets quarterback Zach Wilson into 4th and 2nd place with a 7, and New York tried to block the victory, but with no profit. New York coach Robert Surrey said the play should have been the opposite of wide receiver Braxton Berrios, but Wilson had the option to play sneakly based on his appearance.

“We did a very poor job of telling it,” Sare said, adding that “it only makes you sick” because the takeover to Berríos was probably the first down.

Instead, it returned the ball, leaving Brady and Bucks at 2:12.

And that was more than enough time.

Brady marched the Buccaneers (12-4) along the field in nine plays, compressing the pass to Grayson, who was promoted from the practice team, to score a go-ahead score. Brady was the third TD pass in the game, the 40th in the season, and joined Drew Brees as the only player to throw 40 touchdowns in consecutive seasons.

He finished 34 out of 50 in 410 yards, 3 TDs, and intercepts in Tampa Bay, where the Arians returned after a positive coronavirus test at the beginning of the week.

Levion Bell ran with a two-point conversion against his previous team and demanded a touchdown from New York. However, the jet plane (4-12) ran out of time.

“We were in some crazy situation before,” said the Arians. “But this was a very special thing to come back and win the game.”

The game features the largest age difference between starting quarterbacks since at least 1950, with 22-year-old Wilson confronting 44-year-old Brady.

Jets finished the opening drive in the second half with a two-touchdown lead in a one-yard run by Thai Johnson.

After Brown’s exit and Brady’s TD to Brate, Ryan Scoop kicked a 27-yard field goal, cutting New York’s lead to 24-20, leaving 7:36.

“It’s a shame to talk about the last series of events there,” Sale said. “But I thought our team was great today. They were more suitable.”

Jet flies fast

New York took a 7-0 lead in razzle dazzle play to conquer an impressive opening drive. Michael Carter’s running back (Wilson is behind the right guard) lined up with Wildcat took a direct snap and flipped it over to Berríos, who entered as-is.

Carter ran a distance of 55 yards early in the drive to get the jet to the Buccaneers 12.

Brady and Bucks were unable to play in the match last week due to hamstring issues and marched down the field with their first ownership with Evans after spending time on this week’s COVID-19 list. I caught a 4-yard touchdown pass and drew 7 times. ..

Wilson, who was 19 at 33 at 234 yards and TD, immediately answered with a 9-yard TD pass to Berríos for a lead of 14-7.

It was a costly 13-play, 74-yard drive for Jets, as both Carter (concussion) and George Faunt (left knee) on the left tackle were injured and did not return.

The 39-yard player in the scoop is now 14-10.

Brandin Echols intercepted Brady the last time Tampa Bay owned the first half and returned 30 yards to Jets 48. New York turned to a point with Eddie Pineiro’s 51-yard field goal with one second left.

More history

Brady, who improved to 31-8 against Jets, also tied Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay as the only player with three seasons of over 40 TD passes.


Buccaneers: RB Ronald Jones (ankle) and DB Rashard Robinson (groin) did not come back after leaving in the second half.

Jet: In addition to Carter and Fant, TE Dan Brown left in the second quarter with a back injury and didn’t come back.


Buccaneers: Host the Carolina Panthers next Sunday to end the regular season.

Jets: We’ll end the season next Sunday in Buffalo against AFC East rival Bills.

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Brown walks away from Bucks. Brady rallies teams past Jets | WGN Radio 720

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