Bronzeville Winery creates a new generation of local entrepreneurs.

Owners of Southside Wineries, who plan to set up a shop in Chicago’s “Black Metropolis,” know what it takes to make their dreams come true.

At the groundbreaking ceremony for the Bronzeville Winery on Wednesday, co-owners Eric Williams and Cecilia Cuff plan to not only launch a black-owned business, but also lift the people around them to create the next generation of local entrepreneurs. I said that I am doing it.

“This is a project for us and we really want to resonate around the world,” said Cuff, who will lead a program to recruit entrepreneurs from marginalized communities. “Thank you for participating in writing the next chapter in Bronzeville through the Bronzeville Winery.”

The winery will open this summer in Bronzeville, one of the city’s historic black districts.It was made possible by a city grant Neighborhood Opportunity Fund.. The fund announced in June 2020 that it had invested $ 5.4 million in 32 local businesses with its first grant, saying, “This initiative has been publicly over $ 70 million so far,” according to a statement on the website. Allotted funds to the local commercial corridor. “

Bronzeville Winery is scheduled to open this summer on Block 4400 on South Cottage Grove Avenue.
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Williams, owner of the Hyde Park Silver Room, said: “People who don’t come to Hyde Park are now coming for block parties and other small businesses.”

The winery is developing a 4400 glove located on the 4400 block of South Cottage Globe Avenue.

Mayor Lori Wrightfoot, who also attended Wednesday’s festival, said local banks could do more than just make a statement summarizing “we love blacks and browns.” I will.

“Put your money where your mouth is. Having a mission statement is not enough,” said Lightfoot. Lightfoot’s manager withdrew money from downtown developers and cash from a program to help neglected entrepreneurs in the South and West Side neighborhoods.

“Don’t be a bank in just one neighborhood. Don’t be a bank in a particular class of business. Broaden your horizons.”

Bronzeville Winery creates a new generation of local entrepreneurs.

Source link Bronzeville Winery creates a new generation of local entrepreneurs.

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