Bronzeville SME owners say local post office issues are damaging her earnings – CBS Chicago

Chicago (CBS) — Businesses owned by women and minorities in Bronzeville are booming, but post office problems and delays are so terrible that owners say their earnings are actually suffering.

As reported by Tara Molina of CBS2, this is not the first time we have Investigated the problem so Henry W. McGee Post Office, 4601 S. Cottage Globe Avenue – Far from it.I investigated There is a problem there for More than a year from now..

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Storie Debou, a nearby small business owner, said no such problems were found in other parts of the city. However, post office issues forced us to use other, more expensive state airlines – they are currently working on all other issues.

Boxville 330E. It is located at 51st St. and is located at the following location. Stoviink Creatives’ Brand new brick and mortar space. Devereaux launched Stoviink Creatives during a pandemic. Like the famous cranberry sauce, each product has a personal story …

“It reminds me of many of my moms,” said Devereaux.

Devereaux looks forward to sharing Stoviink Creatives with more and more people as they continue to grow. But she says something is hindering her growth.

“Transportation is a big problem,” she said.

Among all the challenges that small businesses may face in 2021, Devereaux said she is a local post office.

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“Usually the lines are folded. You are waiting,” Devlow said. “Did you stay at the post office last time? I waited nearly an hour and a half to unload and ship my luggage.”

She did so just to lose some of those packages.

“I don’t want to use the post office under any circumstances, and it’s a shame we have to leave the area to get something done,” Devereaux said.

This forced her to rely on other, more expensive state airlines.

I’ve been tracking issues with the USPS, especially Henry W. McGee Post Office, for over a year. There are reports of staffing issues, long lines, email delays and omissions.

So what is the deal? After asking the USPS, the spokesperson made the following statement:

“There are no ongoing issues at Henry McGee Station. You can be willing to respond to specific concerns you may have or contact the Consumer Issues Office at 312-983-8403.”

So I checked in at the office of US Congressman Bobby Rush (D-Illinois), who had spoken frankly about the problem at the post office in the past. Rush’s office said it was monitoring the issue with postal delays as a top priority.

“As of yesterday morning, our office had not received any recent complaints about the Bronzeville Post Office. Overall, the number of complaints we received from stakeholders regarding email services has been in the last few months. Dramatically reduced. Complaints in the last two months are much less than in similar periods earlier this year.

“That said, Congressman Rush said that lack of staff, delays, and horrific leadership from Louis DeJoy, or lack of it, still cause many frustrating postal problems for our members. I know. We also recognize that staff shortages are common during this Christmas season. Dealing with postal delays remains a top priority for Congressman Rush, who he said. We have carefully monitored the amount of problems and complaints. Residents of the First Parliamentary District who are experiencing postal problems are advised to contact an office where staff can support them. “

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Regarding Devereaux, her message to UPS is: “Chicagos in the Bronzeville area are pretty tired of all the excuses. Just do your job.”

Bronzeville SME owners say local post office issues are damaging her earnings – CBS Chicago

Source link Bronzeville SME owners say local post office issues are damaging her earnings – CBS Chicago

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