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Los Angeles (AP) β€” Britney Spears and her lawyer have successfully expelled her father from the parents who have moved the singer’s life and managed her money, but they have taken him and him in the last 13 years. He says he didn’t scrutinize his behavior.

After a judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court Stop James Spears as a guardianAttorney Matthew Rosengart said his legal team would investigate his actions “top to bottom” as he gained access to books and records over the years. He added that some claims could lead to “harsh views” from law enforcement agencies.

“Jamie Spears and others will face even more serious consequences because of his illegal activity,” Rosengart said Wednesday out of court.

However, legal action can also cause problems. Experts say some of the allegations that have surfaced have revealed the shortcomings of a parental system that broadly manages parents who may not be able to make major life decisions mentally. As Britney Spears was discovered in 2008..

“There are appropriate precautions,” said Sara Wentz, a prosecution lawyer working on many adult guardianship cases. “I think the failure in this case indicates where we can operate. We are disappointed with our system.”

Some of the allegations against James Spears have been publicly proven, from mismanagement of funds to vigorous management of all the movements of his daughter. His lawyers say they range from unfounded to impossible, and he only acted in her best interests.

Judge Brenda Penny was legally allowed to suspend Elder Spears at her discretion, citing only the “toxic environment” created around her daughter and investigating the facts before expelling him. Did not hold a hearing.

However, his suspension allowed him to collect evidence.

“They needed to keep him out of the way,” Wentz said. “He has a direct conflict too.”

Rosengart is a lawyer whose central goal is to improve his reputation and maintain the power of attorney in recent years, claiming in court that James Spears has “earned millions of dollars” from the power of attorney. And told the strategist that she was spending too much money. anyway.

“She’s a earner. Everything belongs to her,” said Richard Kaplan, a criminal lawyer who specializes in protecting white-collar clients. “And if there is a management error, it’s time to investigate.”

Neither Kaplan nor Wentz was involved in the Spears case.

James Spears’ lawyer claimed that all his actions were subject to court scrutiny. The court scrutinizes the required quarterly financial reports and frequently investigates conservative movements.

However, that alone is not always enough.

“He can’t use it as a defense,” Wentz said. “He was not appointed to court to oppress, abuse, or afflict her.”

The necessary court surveillance does not prevent others from taking advantage of the power of attorney and facing criminal investigations.

β€œIt’s not uncommon for parents to mismanaged their money and profit from it,” Kaplan said. “That’s why the Probate Court has to look at these things very carefully.”

Rosengart is also James Spears’s New York Times and FX Network.

James Spears’ lawyer, Vivian Thoreen, dismissed these allegations in court as “rhetoric from television shows.”

James Spears, alone or with a partner, oversaw both the life decisions and finances of his daughter from 2008 to 2019. He abandoned the so-called guardian role while continuing to control her finances alone.

His lawyer said that his daughter’s dissatisfaction with her health care and management of her relationship was not the responsibility of her father, but the expert Jody Jody, who was appointed to the court to act as the guardian of her person. He said it meant that it was Montgomery’s responsibility. Britney Spears aired those complaints In a pair of Passionate speech In court during the summer.

Wentz said he went beyond surveillance issues and was even more annoyed by the 2016 document leaked to Times documentary producers. Her father’s “repressive” dominance over all aspects of her life.

There were no obvious changes.

“The fact that the court did nothing about it is horrifying,” Wentz said. “I was asked by people about reforming the guardianship system, and I say,” How about just following the rules? “They asked the court to get things done, and no one ended this. I didn’t want to let him. Why? “

She suggested that the state could implement the mandatory reporting requirements of the power of attorney system, which would trigger a larger investigation of the kind that occurs when a teacher or therapist hears about the possibility of child abuse.

In the weeks leading up to Wednesday’s hearing, James Spears petitioned to reverse the course and end the guardianship system.

Judge Penny, perhaps in favor of Rosengart’s plan to suspend James Spears first, before moving to completely end the power of attorney by the next hearing in November. I rejected the petition.

Thoreen gave the Associated Press a broad defense on Thursday, stating that the expulsion of James Spears was a “loss” for Britney Spears. She said he loved his daughter unconditionally and for 13 years, “whatever he was trying to do for her best interests, be it a guardian or a father.”

Mr. Thoreen said Spears’ love for her daughter “means that she bites his tongue and does not react to all false, speculative and unfounded attacks.”

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Britney’s father is out, but his scrutiny has just begun | National News

Source link Britney’s father is out, but his scrutiny has just begun | National News

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