Britney Spears hearings may mean freedom from court or father

Los Angeles — Judge Brenda Penny was a gentle eye on the storm surrounding Britney Spears and the guardianship that governed her life.

Now all eyes are on her.

A judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court has so far been able to act as a guardian rather than a dictator in this case, but at a potentially important hearing Wednesday afternoon, she gave Spears’ father. You will be forced to make a major decision on whether to maintain her as a guardian or whether to completely end her guardianship.

Spear’s lawyer Matthew Rosengert has been actively promoting the expulsion of his father, James Spears, shortly after Penny allowed him to be hired in July. Penny denied Rosengart’s request for an emergency hearing on the matter and told lawyers that he could wait until Wednesday.

And in a major reversal, he first sought a guardian in 2008, and since then its main supervisor, James Spears, has filed a petition to end it altogether. He urged the judge to make a decision on this issue on Wednesday and ask questions about his position.

Britney Spears and Rosengart said in a subsequent filing that she was the first to seek termination of the arrangement in court documents and agreed with her father that the power of attorney should be terminated.

However, they emphasized that it was more important for her to take her father away, calling it a necessary first step towards her freedom, “ending the Kafkaesque nightmare imposed on her.”

Rosengert said in another filing this week that James Spears engaged in her illegal surveillance, including communication with lawyers, as reported in the New York Times and FX Network documentary “Managing Britney Spears.” “We have crossed the immeasurable boundaries,” he said. One of two duel documentaries released the night before the hearing.

Britney Spears too Engagement with her longtime boyfriend Sam Asgari Earlier this month, this meant concluding a prenuptial agreement that the father should not be involved in, her court filings said.

In 2019, James Spears retired as the so-called guardian of his daughter, managing her life decisions, maintaining only his role as a guardian of her property, and her finances. I managed it. He and his lawyer said it would make many of his daughter’s complaints about his control over her life meaningless.

Court-appointed expert Jody Montgomery is currently acting as a guardian of the Britney Spears man, Rosengert is a court document, and Montgomery is a guardian as long as it is safe and smooth. He said he agreed to end his term.

It’s unclear whether Britney Spears will attend the hearing on Wednesday. At two recent hearings, she made dramatic speeches condemning her position, rallying more fans and fellow celebrities into her cause, and already making a loud call to #FreeBritney. I strengthened it.

James Spears denied taking any action other than in the best interests of his daughter and refused to demand Rosengart to resign immediately. Neither a medical professional nor a detective investigator’s report recommends that Spears’ guardian presence is harming Spears or that he should be replaced. “

NS The adult guardianship system was established in 2008 When Britney Spears was obsessed with every moment and began a very public spiritual struggle, hordes of paparazzi actively chased her everywhere and she lost custody of her children.

Britney Spears hearings may mean freedom from court or father

Source link Britney Spears hearings may mean freedom from court or father

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