Britney Spears can now sign her own financial statements, the judge says – deadline

At the first hearing since a judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court Officially finished NS Adult guardianship Controlled Britney Spears‘Almost 14 years of life, the same judge today sealed documents related to her real estate plan, according to Variety empowered Spears himself to carry out financial statements related to her property.

Her father Jamie Spears And others have been in control of those decisions since 2008.insider Shown The change was brought about by a tentative motion prior to the January 19 hearing in which the judge considered the final version of the real estate planning petition.

Judge Brenda Penny’s decision on November 12 that the power of attorney was “no longer needed” outweighed the right to privacy of a 40-year-old singer to the right to view documents, even for the general public and the father of a celebrity. I decided to be there.

Accountant John Zabel has submitted a petition containing real estate planning information on behalf of Spears. Zabel will continue to be a temporary guardian of Spears’ real estate, primarily to bring together financial issues, such as creating a safety net to make some of the singer’s assets credible.

Jamie Lynn Spears lawyer Alex Weingarten does not oppose the seal of the petition, but may move for full access to the real estate planning petition before the January 19 hearing. Said there is. Weingarten said he received only an edited copy of the petition.

A lawyer for the singer’s former manager, Tri-Star Sports & Entertainment Group, said he may try to view the document on behalf of the client.

Singer lawyer Matthew Lausangart told the judge that Tristar may have “dissipated assets” from Spears’ property.

After the hearing, outside the courtroom, Lausin Galt, who called the singer a “free and independent woman,” took testimony while Jamie Spears worked as a guardian of his daughter’s business before him. He said he would continue to demand that he be asked about his actions. It will be suspended earlier this year and eventually the power of attorney will end.

Lausingart said Jamie Spears couldn’t appear twice because of the testimony, so he would petition to force him to attend the session as needed.

According to Lausingart, Jamie Spears may be asked a variety of questions, including inquiries about communicating with lawyers, when taking such testimony records.

City News Service contributed to this report.

Britney Spears can now sign her own financial statements, the judge says – deadline

Source link Britney Spears can now sign her own financial statements, the judge says – deadline

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