Bpost offers packaging and digital transformation

Postal companies around the world are suffering from a similar set of challenges to become more competitive. The traditional letter business has declined and the parcel business has increased. However, the parcel business has a low rate of return due to competition from DHL, FedEx, UPS, and Amazon.

Bpost Group known as Bpost The group wants to deliver mail and parcels in Belgium and become a leader in e-commerce logistics across Europe.

To differentiate itself, bpost establishes an omni-channel experience that connects the physical and digital worlds of tech-savvy customers, whether they are online from mobile devices, laptops, or physical stores. Nevertheless, we needed to provide a seamless experience.

Make the customer responsible

In a conversation with Sébastien Scarmure, Bpost’s Chief Digital Officer, who defines and leads some of these initiatives, I learned that this digital transformation at bpost is taking place in two key areas. .. The first was to redefine the customer experience and the second was to redefine the employee experience.

As the traditional email business declined, the goal was to slow it down by introducing new services and solutions through omnichannel. The second purpose was to retain and attract new talent within the company. Increased employee engagement occurs in multiple areas, including HR applications, new mail carrier applications, and call centers.

One example is registered mail. If no one is at home when the registered mail is delivered, the customer must go to the bpost store to get it. Today, bpost can be digitally approved by customers, allowing mail carriers to leave registered emails in their mailboxes.

Another example is a digital channel related to package tracking. Today, bpost provides an estimate of when packages will arrive. If not at home, customers can define a safe place to deliver their luggage. In the future, bpost is considering adding more features such as calling the mail carrier, redirecting the parcel, interacting with the call center, and strengthening the link between the customer and the mail carrier. ..

Sébastien describes how the role of mail carriers is changing to meet changing customer expectations. bpost introduces a new smartphone application that allows mail carriers to establish links between customers and mail carriers. Through this application, mail carriers also receive job performance feedback from their customers. The mail carrier receives an indicator of his level of performance compared to his colleagues – apply gamification technology to improve the performance of the mail carrier.

This application can notify you of various situations of danger and rounds, such as traffic jams and road construction. This type of information is useful for onboarding new employees.

bpost will soon move its office to a new facility. The iMove app was created to make this change easy for everyone involved. However, it is now evolving (and continuing to evolve) into an overall employee experience app. This is in line with bpost’s desire to digitize the employee experience as well as the customer experience for better evidence of the future. The app includes Covid-19 safety features, office or cubicle bookings, personal assistants, and features such as billing, travel bookings, and danger notifications. This is achieved by leveraging the Infosys Live Enterprise framework, which comes with out-of-the-box accelerators.

Infosys Living Lab

Infosys Living Labs describes how Infosys is committed to client innovation and how clients are increasingly seeing Infosys as a digital transformation partner. Living Labs engagement connects Infosys professionals with client organizations. Being a highly integrated team, it is difficult to identify whether an individual is part of Infosys or a client organization.

This process involves problem identification, solution visualization, early prototyping, engineering, large-scale deployment, and deployment.

One of LivingLab’s main strengths is its extensive coverage of both domains and technologies. Infosys works with clients in the same industry and can bring innovation from other areas as well.

bpost used Infosys Living Labs to digitize the entire process of receiving and delivering packages. Many of the innovations described below came from that process.

Complete workflow digitization

NS Infosys Living Lab■ Basically, I took the entire workflow of mail and package delivery, split it into multiple chunks, and created a set of mobile-based applications that controlled the entire process.

The first application is for truck drivers. With this application, you can plan routes and activities such as pick-up and delivery. At a higher level, another fleet management application uses GPS to display the position of each vehicle and flag it for deviations from the route and other anomalies. The fleet application also drives a display that shows the status, arrival time, and loading dock for each truck. From receiving packages from end users to bringing them to the warehouse has been automated and digitized.

Inside the warehouse, two very innovative things came from the Infosys Living Lab. The first was a mobile sorting station that offered additional capacity during peak hours such as Christmas. The mobile sorting station provided the ability to read labels, measure weight and dimensions, and generate the identification labels needed to take the next step.

The second innovation eliminates manual errors when placing packages in the wrong container. For some reason, about 20% of all packages are not sorted automatically. Manual sorting often puts packages in the wrong container. This means that you can follow the wrong van or the wrong route, cause delays, lose money, and reduce the customer experience.

Infosys Living Labs used a simple solution that used a small ceiling-mounted projector. After scanning the package, the projector will place an arrow on the ground in front of the appropriate container. This simple solution that scans barcodes and uses AI / ML to identify the correct container eliminates human error.

After sorting, the parcel is returned to the truck and finally delivered to the post office. Infosys has created a digital application that automates and streamlines the entire workflow and replaces the paperwork required to deliver the package to the intended recipients.

Finally, the mail carrier companion application completes the workflow. The same application used to receive the package from the sender helps the mail carrier deliver the package to the appropriate recipient.

Sébastien admits, “Without the digital muscle building we did at Infosys, we would certainly not be in place today.”


Infosys has established a reputation for helping postal companies on their digital transformation journeys. Analysts like me might throw this into a shipping bucket, and I was impressed that Infosys has become very detailed about the solution.I recently wrote an article about End postal service, And Infosys are backing India Posts with modernization. Infosys Cobalt has a comprehensive set of solutions to meet the needs of the industry. In my research, Infosys understands the challenges facing postal and logistics companies and has a proven track record of accelerating digital transformation.

Most importantly for Sebastien, the entire workflow has been streamlined, digitized and mobilized. To that end, he leads Bpost to use the latest technology to facilitate and track activities in real-time views. With that critical foundation, bpost will be able to carry out more ambitious projects in the future, such as mail carriers and voice technologies that support artificial intelligence and machine learning, further enhancing the customer and employee experience.

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Bpost offers packaging and digital transformation

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