Bluetooth audio support for Nintendo Switch

According to the information obtained by Dataminer, the latest Nintendo Switch update contains code suggesting native Bluetooth audio support.

Released in March 2017 Nintendo switch Released without native support for Bluetooth headsets. Twitter user @OatmealDome posted a data breach on Twitter this week (April 8th) following a 12.0.0 system software update.

Oatmeal Dome responded to the first tweet as follows: “I personally don’t think Nintendo will add this for” no reason “, so I hope it will be used somewhere. (Especially because Bluetooth Audio is a very demanding feature of the switch.) “

It is possible to use a Bluetooth headset with the switch, but it requires an auxiliary port to the USB-C adapter or Bluetooth adapter. Using the USB-C port on a Bluetooth headset limits the user because it is the switch’s primary charging port.

The Nintendo Switch is the only current generation console that doesn’t have a Bluetooth audio connection.

Nintendo Switch Credit: Nintendo

This update also includes a line of code suggesting the existence of the rumored Switch Pro.

The update hides the line of code “4kdp_preferred_over_usb30”. This code tells the Nintendo Switch to prioritize the 4K DisplayPort over the USB3.0 port.

The current switch model cannot output 4K images.This line of code could be the first proof that Nintendo is working on a 4K capable switch.

Native Bluetooth headset support could also lead to official party chat support for handheld consoles. Players who want to chat with friends on Nintendo Switch now need to download the mobile app.

Capcom confirmed this week (April 7th) that Monster Hunter Rise has shipped more than 5 million copies worldwide. It was one of the biggest launches on Nintendo Switch this year.

Capcom celebrated this opportunity by releasing a free commemorative item pack in-game. The pack contained healing, food and craft items.

Bluetooth audio support for Nintendo Switch

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