“Blind Spotting” renewed in Season 2 at Starz – Deadline

Starz Doubled Blind spotting.. The paid network ordered the second season of the TV spin-off sequel after the first season, which premiered in June.

The series was centered around Ashley and played by Jasmine Sephas Jones. Shortly after his middle-class life in Auckland, he lived a chaotic life when his 12-year-old partner and son’s father, Miles, was suddenly imprisoned. A humorous existential crisis when she was forced to move with Miles’ mother and half-sisters.

Rafael Casal, who created the series with Daveed Diggs, plays Miles in addition to his role as a showrunner.

It also starred Benjamin Earl Turner, Titus Pomponius, Jalen Baron, Candice Nicholas Lippmann, and Helen Hunt.

Casal also produces with Snoot Entertainment’s Diggs, Jess Wu Calder, Keith Calder, and Barnyard Projects’ Emily Gerson Saines, Ken Lee, and Tim Palen. Starz’s SVP, original programming Kathryn Tyus-Adair, oversees the network directed by Maggie Leung and Claire Wendlandt on behalf of Lionsgate.

“The award-winning artistry and creativity that Rafael, Daved, and the entire blind spotting team have put into the series has taken the comedy genre to a new level. What they are preparing for Season 2. I can’t wait to see it, “says Jeffrey Hirsch. , President and CEO of Starz. “This series deserves criticism and is wonderful for our programming mandate, which focuses on unique and authentic stories about women and for women by women and underrated viewers. This is an example. “

“We were overwhelmed by the overflow of love for Season 1 and have been working hard for the past few months to create the next chapter in this Bay Story. Cast and crew, and partners Stars and Lionsgate. With great artistry, I’m very excited to bring the next season to life. They messed up and gave us more runways, so welcome back to the trials, “Rafael said.・ Casal and Dave de Diggs added.

“Blind Spotting” renewed in Season 2 at Starz – Deadline

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