BLAgro challenges e-commerce

New Delhi [India], July 30 (ANI / NewsVoir): India’s fastest growing FMCG company, BL Agro Industries Ltd., launches BL Agro, the prime minister’s vision for digital India, in line with its goals. Announced a brand venture to e-commerce. Enhanced digital transformation to accelerate FMCG business. With more than 173 million products sold annually, the company expects 10% growth from its e-commerce sector as well.

The website has already recorded 25,000 transactions per day and is expected to generate approximately Rs 42 million in sales by the end of 2021. The Nourish Store is designed and deployed with customization features for easy access to BLAgro’s flagship products. Nine categories including pulses, spices, dried fruits, cereals, cooked items and more.

BL Agro aims to meet the requirements of everyday household foods in a wide variety of food products. This brand is endorsed and guaranteed by the wonderful Silpacetti with a focus on including nutrition in everyday foods. Some of the major products, such as the mustard oil brand “Bail Kolhu”, have been approved by a trio of Manoj Bajpayee, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pankaj Tripathi.

BL Agro Industries Ltd. Ashish Khandelwal, managing director of the company, said at the time of launch: BL Agro is working hard. Digital transformation is the future of business, and we have taken the lead in providing consumers with a fun, health-focused experience at the Nourish Store. We are actively committed to our vision of providing high quality foods and promoting a healthier lifestyle. The streamlined, modern design provides easy navigation, a user-friendly interface, and compelling content to help website visitors better understand the nutritional details of their products and make informed decisions. To Features include maximum security, 100% nutrition, exchange guarantee, secure payment gateway, and convenient home delivery at the Pan-Indian level with minimum order Rs. 300, the website provides customers with a seamless digital buying experience. It also features nutritious recipes and nutritional profiles of foods for fitness enthusiasts.

The brand’s spokesperson, Richa Kandelwar, said of the launch: The state guarantees high quality, timely delivery with attractive prices and a great customer experience. “BL Agro recorded a 25% increase in market and outlet reach last fiscal year. The Narish Store, along with all aspects of operations such as category development, supply chain and marketing, is” local to the Government of India. ” BL Agro, the flagship of the fast-moving vocal campaign, stands out among the top food FMCG companies in recent years. BL Agro Industries Ltd. is based in Valley, Uttar Pradesh and has been providing high quality food for many years. The company today has one of the largest distribution networks of all Indian branded edible oil and food players with over 50,000 retailers.

BL Agro Industry’s growth story is an exciting success story. BL Agro, which started as a mustard trading company in the 1950s, has come a long way today. In the course of that tough journey, the company transformed from a commodity trading organization into a full-fledged FMCG company. Later, a single mustard oil brand marketer began rolling out multiple types of oils, including refined oils, and then a variety of food products under the brand name “Nourish.” This will serve a much wider consumer base. Brand Nourish has a nutritional promise.

The brand offers all the foods commonly used in Indian kitchens, including Atta, Rice, Pulse, Guy Oil, Mediterranean Fruits, Papadam, South Asian Pickles, Murabba and Spices. The best process to ensure maximum retention of nutrients.

BL Agro’s well-known brand “Nourish” offers a comprehensive range of healthy and nutritious foods that reflects its quest to provide delicious food to the masses. Starting with Check Fresh Atta, today’s Narish has a wide variety of nutritious products such as Atta, Beans, Rice, Oils, Ghee, Ready to Cook, Mediterranean Fruits and Spices.

Sustainable, implementing traditional methods with modern technology and nourishing everyone, with the mission of providing high quality, delicious and nutritious foods that contribute to the best taste and health. I will work towards an agroecosystem. Indian home.

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BLAgro challenges e-commerce

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