“Birds were everywhere”: Hundreds of moving songbirds crash into New York skyscrapers | WGN Radio 720

New York (AP) —Hundreds of birds traveling through New York City died this week after colliding with a glass tower in New York City. New York City Audubon Volunteer Tweets Shows the World Trade Center, which is littered with dead birds.

Although bird deaths were particularly high this week, bird strikes on Manhattan’s skyscrapers are a permanent problem that NYC Audubon has recorded over the years, as the group’s nature maintenance and Katrin Perkins, Deputy Director of Science, said.

She said stormy weather from Monday night to Tuesday caused the deaths.

“We had a big storm and a kind of strange weather and lots of birds, and it’s a kind of perfect combination that can lead to bird-window collisions,” Perkins said.

“It seems that the storm may have made the bird lower than the other ways, or just confused,” Perkins added. “The nocturnal light has a very strong effect on birds, especially on cloudy nights.”

NYC Audubon volunteers have recorded bird deaths in high-risk areas during spring and autumn migration.

Volunteer Melissa Breyer, who tweeted about finding nearly 300 birds on the sidewalk surrounding the tower of the new World Trade Center, said the experience was “overwhelming.”

“As soon as I got to the building, the birds were everywhere on the sidewalk,” Breyer said. “North, covered, south, covered, west, covered, sidewalks were literally covered with birds.”

NYC Audubon hopes to help owners of World Trade Center towers and other buildings reduce the number of bird strikes by dimming lights at night and processing glass to make birds more visible. I’m out.

“Make it so that they can see it and recognize that it’s a solid barrier they can’t get through,” Perkins said.

Jordan Barowitz, a spokesman for the Dust organization, co-developer of the One World Trade Center, said in an email: “The first 200 feet of the One WTC are wrapped in non-reflective glass fins. This design was chosen primarily for less than 200 feet and significantly the bird strikes often caused by reflective glass. To reduce it to. “

Dara McKillan, a spokesman for Silverstein Properties, the developer of the skyscrapers of the other three trade centers, said: Understand that artificial night lighting can attract and confuse migratory birds in general, and actively encourage office tenants to turn off the lights at night and lower the blinds as much as possible, especially during the migration season. doing. “

For all the birds that crashed, it wasn’t the last flight. Some survived.

A total of 77 birds were taken to the Wild Bird Foundation’s rehab facility on the Upper West Side on Tuesday, most of them from the trade center area, said Rita Marie McMahon.

“We knew there was a major migration coming. They could tell from the radar,” said McMahon, who planned additional staff to take care of the expected injured bird influx. I did.

Bird Foundation staff fed the birds with food, water and anti-inflammatory drugs to control swelling.

According to McMahon, 30 birds have recovered and were released on Wednesday at Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

“One of our staff took Uber to Prospect Park and released it, so you wouldn’t face any taller buildings while traveling,” she said.

“Birds were everywhere”: Hundreds of moving songbirds crash into New York skyscrapers | WGN Radio 720

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