Bilawal calls Imran Khan a “security risk” in Pakistan

Islamabad [Pakistan], June 27 (ANI): Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari called Prime Minister Imran Khan a “security risk” for the country on Saturday following recent remarks on the country’s nuclear program. called.

In an interview with HBO’s Axios, Imran Khan said Pakistan’s nuclear program had “the only purpose,” or deterrence. “It’s not unpleasant,” he said.

At a rally in the Kotri region of Kashmir under Pakistan’s occupation, Bilawar declared that his grandfather Zulfikar Butt, who “given Pakistan’s nuclear power,” had the same security risks as his mother, Geonews. Reported.

“But when your puppet prime minister says we don’t need a nuclear weapons program, isn’t he a security risk?” Said the PPP chair.

Bilawal further said the Prime Minister “wanted not only to compromise PoK, but also to compromise Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities.”

“We need to send a message to the person who gave the nuclear capabilities and missile technology, the group that declared the security risks,” he said, calling on people to expel the Pakistan Tehreek-Eye Movement (PTI) from PoK. ..

He is also confident that PPP will elect a prime minister in Pakistan after the candidates have been elected in the PoK legislative assembly elections scheduled for July 25, GeoNews reported.

Earlier, Parliamentary Secretary-General of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) said on Tuesday, “Who gave the Prime Minister the right to say that Pakistan’s nuclear program is negotiable?” Imran Khan was brought in (in power) to roll back Pakistan’s nuclear program. This is the agenda of foreign donors, “he said, arguing that the purpose of the statement was to send a message that Pakistan was ready. Roll back that deterrent. (ANI)

Bilawal calls Imran Khan a “security risk” in Pakistan

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