Big cloud computing surge

We reached a major milestone in 2020. Cloud service revenue ultimately outpaced corporate spending on data centers. According to Synergy Research Group.. One of IT’s longest-running trends, the move to the cloud, is partly driven by a pandemic that encourages companies to avoid logistics challenges and capital spending when deploying on-premises. ..

But the infinite capacity to add horsepower without provisioning your own infrastructure isn’t the biggest attraction. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud have become the starting point for the latest innovations that developers can jump to build innovative new applications. Machine learning library??Globally Distributed database?? IoT platform With all the bells and whistles? The three big clouds have everything that is ready, waiting, and accessible to the API. It’s enough to wonder why it’s a hassle to build and maintain your own data center.

That’s exactly what recreational boat company Brunswick wondered. “soCloud or Bust: IT leaders are fully committed to cloud computingCIO contributor Mary Pratt revealed that it took Brunswick 10 years to get there, but the company’s IT assets are now 90% in the cloud. IaaS, SaaS,and PaaS A product that allows the elimination of two data centers. According to Pratt, DeVry University’s Bain & Company and the University of California, San Diego are all at the same advanced stage in their cloud journey. “The cloud is the final transition that almost every organization needs to make,” said Vince Kellen, CIO of the University of California, San Diego.

Obviously, the pace of that transition went high gear during the pandemic. “soFrom Legacy to Cloud: Three Stages of Enterprise ModernizationScott Carey, a British group editor, said the pandemic accelerated cloud adoption by five years, according to Red Hat CEO Paul Comier’s estimates. Cloud applications that enable remote work In Phases 2 and 3, Cloud native model Migrate legacy apps to the cloud.

Migrating to a large cloud has never been easier. Cloud migration requires application refactoring, cloud cost monitoring and optimization, and in-house training and expensive recruitment to gain cloud expertise. Security is a particularly difficult area for enterprises with multiple clouds. This is because each of the three large clouds has a different set of security features. Increase the risk of configuration errors.. Neal Weinberg, CSO contributor, said:AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure: Comparison of security features.. “

Even something that looks as simple as migrating from an on-premises Exchange Server to a Microsoft-hosted server presents challenges. Contributor Jonathan Hassell said, “Migrating to a hosted Exchange: what to do and what not to do.. A must read for anyone facing this tedious task.

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Big cloud computing surge

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