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Biden’s feelings after COVID diagnosis are “much better”

Washington-President Joe Biden feels “much better” after being tested positive for coronavirus, White House COVID-19 response coordinator said Sunday, 79-year-old U.S. leader infectious It was confirmed that the virus was infected with a high-grade mutant. Country.

“It’s a variant of BA.5 … but I’m grateful that our vaccines and treatments work well for it, which is why I think the president is doing well,” said Ashish Jar. He told CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“I checked in to his team late last night. He felt good. He had a good day yesterday. He … has an upper respiratory tract infection and he is doing well. There are no updates this morning, but he feels much better all night. “

The variant is a derivative of the Omicron strain that emerged at the end of last year. It is believed to be the cause of the majority of coronavirus cases in Japan. Biden tested positive for the virus Thursday morning. Since then, he has been isolated in the White House dwelling.

Government officials emphasized that his symptoms were mild because he had been vaccinated four times, and he began taking the antiviral drug Paxlovid after he became infected.

In a recent update on Saturday, President’s doctor Dr. Kevin O’Connor wrote about Biden’s condition that Biden’s early symptoms, such as a sore throat and cough, were “less troublesome”, but the president is now physically fit. Pain and sore throat.

He said Biden had “probably” a BA.5 mutant, and the results of preliminary sequencing indicate that the strain did not “in any way” affect Biden’s treatment regimen. ..

Ja promised that the White House would continue to provide up-to-date information on the president’s condition and whether he may have long-term symptoms.

“I think it’s really important for Americans to know how well the president is doing,” he said.

“Obviously, if he has persistent symptoms, and if any of them clearly interferes with his ability to perform his duties, we will disclose it to the American people early and often. But I think this will be a fully vaccinated, double-boosted, COVID course found by many Americans with these tools, “said Jha. “The president is doing well and I hope he will continue to do so.”

Biden’s feelings after COVID diagnosis are “much better”

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