Biden wants Americans happy and near-normal Thanksgiving

Nantucket, Massachusetts (AP) — Thursday President Joe Biden welcomes the resumption of the holiday tradition by millions of families on his second Thanksgiving, celebrated behind the coronavirus pandemic. I wished for a happy and near-normal Thanksgiving Day. Himself.

“At the same time we are grateful for what we have, we also keep in mind those who have lost and those who have lost a lot,” the president said with First Lady Jill Biden at the White House before their trip. I said in a greeting on the videotape recorded with me to Nantucket, Massachusetts for a vacation.

On the island, Bydens visited the Coast Guard station in Brant Point and virtually met US military personnel and station staff around the world. “It’s no joke to say thank you to these guys,” he said, referring to a member of the Coast Guard who had a ramrod in front of him when he left. I said when I was asked what I was doing.

Obviously the space inside the building was so small that the reporter was kept away from the room because of Biden’s virtual remarks. Hopes waved and cheered as Biden’s convoy traversed the island’s narrow paved cobblestone streets to and from the Coast Guard grounds.

Biden, whose late son Bo was a major in the Delaware Army National Guard, said he saw US military personnel active around the world, from the South China Sea, Iraq, Afghanistan to South America. When foreigners wonder what America is, he said, “they don’t see us here,” meaning civilians. “They are looking at them,” he said of the Coast Guard and other members of the US military. “It’s proud of me.”

From Nantucket, Bydens also called for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which aired briefly with NBC’s Arloker. The spectators were once again on the Manhattan route, shutting out a year ago and attending the parade with about 8,000 participants. Parade employees and volunteers were vaccinated against COVID-19 and had to wear masks.

Biden and his wife began Thanksgiving in Nantucket before they got married in 1977. They were looking for a way to choose a family to spend with. They did not visit in 2015, after Bo died of a brain tumor at the age of 46 earlier that year, or in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic placed Kibosch in a large family gathering.

Instead, Biden ate only with his wife, daughter Ashley and her husband at his home in Delaware last year.

But this year, the president has joined millions of Americans celebrating the holidays with a large group of loved ones. The entire Biden family took off with him on Tuesday night at Air Force One, resuming the Thanksgiving tradition. Son Hunter and his wife, Melissa and their toddler son Bo. Daughter Ashley; grandchildren Naomi, Finnegan, Mage, Natalie, a young hunter, and Naomi’s fiancée Peter Neal.

Naomi Biden and her fiancé biked on a local path just before their grandfather’s SUV left the secluded home where his family was staying. The house is owned by billionaire philanthropist David Rubenstein, co-founder of The Carlyle Group’s private equity firm.

Biden’s first visit as president is significantly different from his previous vacation when he was a US Senator and later Vice President. Then he may have been seen roaming downtown.

When Biden took office, he lost much of his freedom to move around and is now traveling with a large group of security guards, the White House and other officials, and journalists. All his public movements are carefully monitored by the US Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies.

Jill Biden has heard members of the Coast Guard telling them to meet again on Friday night with another Biden tradition, Nantucket’s annual Christmas tree lighting.

“We all go together,” she said of her family. The wood lighting ritual is the place Beau Biden proposed to his wife Harry in 2001. They got married on the island the following year.

Biden will return to the White House on Sunday.

Biden wants Americans happy and near-normal Thanksgiving

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