Beta & Red Bull in progress in the ambitious football drama series “Net” -Deadline

Exclusive: Filming of an ambitious European drama series in progress Net, About corruption and conspiracy in the world of international football.

Net Composed of four independent series shot in the local language, it not only acts as a stand-alone drama, but also as part of an interwoven story spanning 30 hours of storytelling.

The first of the four seasons to start is from Austria Net-Prometheus, Starring Tobias Moretti (Bad bank), Angel Coleby (Marlin), Amanda Abbington (Sherlock), Benjamin Sadler (European tribes) And Nicholas Go (Skyfall). Andreas Prohaska (Winemaker) Is Martin Ambrosch’s ()block) Screenplay.

A drama set in the Austrian mountains, a doctor and former doping agent Georg Trotter (Moretti) who abandoned his career after a tragic car accident that severely hurt his wife Diana (Coleby) and killed his beloved son. I am at the center. Known as the infamous Doping Hunter and “Bloodhound,” Georg is proposed to run a new hypermodern, high-performance clinic in the Alps. There, staff will help young talent to become the best footballers in the world by restoring football players injured by high-tech training methods to record speeds. They promote clean sports without illegal tricks. To Georg, a job that seems to have been made for him. But soon he wonders: is it really about the well-being of athletes and the well-being of sports? The closer Georg looks behind the flashy façade, the more secrets he reveals. It points not only to the future, but to his own past.

Filming will begin in Liverpool, Vienna, Badgastein and Salzburg, and the Austrian drama will air on Red Bull’s Serbus TV and will be online via ARD Mediathek during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in late 2022.

The German series produced by Sommerhaus Serien for ARD Degeto will continue this summer, but the Italian season is currently under development to begin filming later this year, with the second set in Spain and Latin America. 4 series is also under development.

The entire project is co-produced by Das Netz. Red Bull Media House And Beta film – And another series of local producers. Based on the ideas of Matthias Hartmann and Prinio Bachmann.

The Austrian installments were produced by MR Film, co-produced with ServusTV, ARD Degeto and Das Netz, with the support of the Austrian Television Foundation, the Vienna Film Foundation and the State of Salzburg.

Matthias Hartmann, author of Red Bull Media House Net, States as follows. “The art of continuous storytelling has made great strides in the last few years. Some genres have created very complex and ambiguous characters. For many, the series is now synonymous with classic novels. For us, this inevitably leads to the question of whether we can extend the genre of storytelling and create a global series network where characters and stories can move. Because football is more than money and religion. , Nothing in the world is better than this. “

Oliver Auspitz of MR Film added:Net It will be a new way of continuous storytelling. Of course, you can enjoy watching only one of the four series per episode. But if you look at all four series together, you can also take part in a crossover adventure every time you find your favorite character in different countries and different missions. Then you will have a complete picture of TheNet. For me as a producer, it’s a very thrilling new way of thinking and producing. It was time consuming and not easy, but with our extraordinary team we succeed. We exceed normal. “

Andreas Prochaska commented: “The net is a great project and allows us to bring together national and international talent in front of the camera. Martin Ambros’s script combines drama and science fiction into a complex thriller featuring many ambivalent characters. Viewers can expect an exciting journey through the world of football, doping, medical drama and crime, from Liverpool to Bad Gastine in Austria, from the stadium to high-tech laboratories with malicious scientists. I will. “

Daniel Prochaska (Maximilian) Take over the supervision of episodes 5-8 Net-Prometheus..

Beta & Red Bull in progress in the ambitious football drama series “Net” -Deadline

Source link Beta & Red Bull in progress in the ambitious football drama series “Net” -Deadline

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