Best Writing Services in the US

Not everyone has the skills or the time to produce a flawless essay every time they require one. Essay writing services exist to fill that void. Many students and professionals rely on these services to get through their many responsibilities. They occasionally want the services of a legitimate paper writing service.

There is always a demand for distinctive and high-quality content when it comes to academic work. A student always wants to select the best college essay writing service to achieve good grades. Therefore, there is a great need for awareness regarding the most helpful platforms that fulfil the purpose.

7 Popular Essay Writing Services in the US

Check out the best platforms for obtaining the content of your choice by carefully examining their characteristics.

1.    99Papers

99Papers is a well-known paper writing business with a strong following among students. An essay prepared by 99Papers receives an average grade of 80%. The constant effort that the company makes to improve the quality of essays is the reason for its immense popularity.

Features of 99Papers

Examine the unique qualities this platform offers in terms of essay writing services.

On-Time Delivery

You do not need to worry about delays because they guarantee on-time delivery. Furthermore, your essay is supplied when you need it, with no chance of any irresponsible behaviour.

Excellent Quality

The essays are well-structured and formatted, with well-researched content and everything according to your specifications. This platform offers high-quality essays with useful information to help you achieve your goals.

Trustworthy Customer Service

You get dependable services and support for the material you want. Essays, research papers (term papers), theses, dissertations, and other sorts of academic papers are all written by 99Papers.

Money-Back Guarantee

Previously, there was no money-back guarantee on 99Papers. However, now that they have started selling it to their consumers, you are totally covered if you are unhappy with the paper’s quality.

Diverse Abilities of Writers

Their writers have a diverse range of abilities and are among the best in the United States and the United Kingdom. They are skilled writers with a track record of producing high-quality, plagiarism-free custom work.

2.    Essay Box

Essay Box has been designed to facilitate you with a last-minute paper writing service.If you’re running out of time and need to fulfil a deadline, you can ask for assistance.You can discuss your work requirements openly and share your purpose. The expert writers will produce meaningful content by keeping your goals regarding the task in mind.

Features of Essay Box

It has distinctive features that will provide you maximum benefit.

Economical Service

With prices starting at $12 per page, this service is a cost-effective and convenient solution for any student needing writing aid with their papers. In addition, it offers a variety of packages to help students in the best ways possible.

Chance to Hire a Native English Speaker

You can hire a native English speaker or an ESL essay writer who has had their language skills evaluated and validated. You can message your author directly during the writing process to give detailed directions on your subject area. It will also help you inquire about the status of your work.

Delivery in a Few Hours

Are you looking for a last-minute paper writing service that can turn out a completed assignment in a matter of hours? Essay Box has deadlines as low as three hours, making it an excellent choice for college students who require an essay on the spur of the moment.

Unlimited Revisions

You will get limitless revisions throughout a range of 10 days. You can get your essay edited as many times as you need it. This versatility allows you to experiment with a wide range of alternatives.

Partial Refund on Late Delivery

You become eligible for a partial refund if your order is delivered late. The Essay Box website even features a rewards program where you may earn redeemable points after placing multiple orders.

3.    Grade Miners

Almost 56,000 students use Grade Miners for writing services.

Features of Grade Miners

The features of Grade Miners are listed below:

Proficient Writers for College Essays

The authors have valid academic credentials and excellent English language skills, this service is ideal for producing college papers. You can even pay extra to hire professionals with specific experience in the topic of your task if you like.

Time-Saving with Planned Solutions

No matter what type of college assignment you require, Grade Miners’ extensive order form has an option for you. This tool might save you time by providing annotated bibliographies and articles.

Chance to Get Writers of Your Choice

You can pay more to have writers who specialize in writing niche-specific essays assigned to you. It puts their expertise into action and creates material of high quality.Grade Miners offers a fantastic in-house team of expert writers who consistently provide excellent papers.

15% Discount on First Order

You get a 15% discount on your first order, and even though it is a pricey service, you get the most out of it. When you entrust your project to top-notch writers, you don’t have to be concerned about quality.

Refund Policy

Grade Miners offers 14 days of unlimited revisions and a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the article that you have received.

24/7 Customer Support

Their customer service system is very effective and up to date. You can obtain assistance at any moment without having to wait. You are brought to several solutions that fit your requirements and budget.

4.    Expert Writing

Expert Writing is a well-known academic writing service that consistently produces high-quality papers on schedule.It concentrates on the customer’s primary requirements.

Features of Expert Writing

You get the following perks if you choose this platform for writing services:


This company never shares your information with other parties. It is entirely anonymous, as none of your personal information is visible to the authors. It does not share names, and a personal ID number helps in the identification process.

Cheap Service

It offers affordable writing services to help you receive the content you want at a low cost. In addition to that, since most students demand essays, it ensures that they are provided with quick and effective solutions.

Quick Delivery

You can have your essay in a matter of hours, and this choice allows you to place an order even if your deadline is too tight. There are no compromises in terms of quality, and you may enjoy the pleasure of instant access to your favourite content.

Offers Great Discounts

You can get fantastic discounts, which will help you make wise decisions. Your burden is lessened, and it makes it easier for you to obtain what you require. You don’t have to pay a lot of money for good content, and everyone has access to it.

Customer Feedback Valued for Improvement

This platform takes into account all consumer feedback, even negative criticism. The best part is that they continue to grow and accept feedback constructively. As a result, it increases the loyalty and trust of customers.

5.    Paper Help

Paper Help is a well-known website in the US and many other countries of the world. It has been assisting students with their essays for more than 15 years. You get an amassed team of dedicated and well-educated essay writers capable of completing assignments of any complexity.

Features of Paper Help

Check out what distinguishes it from other sites:

Experienced Professional Writers

The writers have great experience writing admission essays, term papers, solving math equations, providing customers with editing and proofreading services.

Extensive Services

It offers a wide range of services as well as skilled advice. Leave your problems to specialists with niche-specific expertise if you are unfamiliar with the complex forms for Ph.D. research papers or any other academic work.

Affordable Rates

Because the prices are so low, practically anyone can use these services. You can go over your compensation needs and any other support you require in detail. It reduces the amount of stress you have at work. Paper Help charges an average price for essay writing, which starts at $10 per page.

Easy-To-Use Website

The website is simple to navigate, and placing an order takes only a few clicks. When it comes to acquiring the information you need, there are no delays or stress. It operates at a high level of efficiency and the speed is also great.

Money-Recovery Option

You have the option of getting your money back if you are dissatisfied with the work. It also allows you to pay in any currency you wish, making it a convenient and straightforward procedure.

6.    Essay Pro

Essayer has been ranked third on the list of the best writing services for a reason. It is concerned with the customer’s best interests. Essayer’s key benefit is an essay-writing marketplace where you may select a writer for your project based on their reviews, qualifications, and experience.

Features of Essay Pro

EssayPro offers you excellent facilities to make your experience worth it.

Caters Last-Minute Requests

If you’re running out of time to meet a deadline or complete a task, relax and enlist the support of experienced professionals who are ready to assist you. They are adept at handling last-minute procedures efficiently and successfully.

Industry-first System of Email and SMS Alert

SMS and Email alerts are used to keep you up to date on the status of your order. It provides responsive service and allows for good communication with the writers. It is a very beneficial step that facilitates greater efficiency.

Vast Choice of Disciplines

Many excellent writers are well-versed in a large variety of disciplines, and they know how to make the most of their field and abilities. To complete the purpose properly, they incorporate all needed information and conduct thorough research on the topic.

Assistance through Expert Guide

You get guidance on your topic from experts who know how to provide value to the written piece. Moreover, if you face any academic difficulties, their well-sought and brilliantly composed essays assist you a lot in various ways.

More than 500 Writers are Available

Many authors with outstanding qualifications are available to assist you. Because it is such a large firm, you can choose from a list of hundreds of authors. It provides a wide range of content thanks to the diversity it welcomes.

7.    Essay Hub

Essay Hub has authors with various writing styles that are eager to offer a high-quality essay. They’ve also expanded beyond essays, now providing a wide range of professional writing services from reputable authors all around the United States.

Features of Essay Hub

Here is what you need to know when aiming to get the best essay:

Excellence in Meeting Expectations

If you place an order here, you will never be disappointed. The organization has been created to meet the students’ and academics’ needs and to provide high-quality writing services.

Selective Hiring of Writers for a Task

You have the option of selecting the writer who best meets your requirements. The organization also chooses the best author for the job, someone who excels in that field you want your essay written.

User-Friendly Interface

Essay Hub is a writing service with a very user-friendly interface, according to several users. People who aren’t tech-savvy can easily place orders. It’s also simple to add any other information your writer might require, such as notes or book pages.

Writers’ Profiles Displayed

You’ll be offered a list of writers to choose from once you’ve submitted your order. The profiles of the authors provide information about their success rate, reviews, completed orders, and degrees.


Make your academic work stand out from the crowd and give your best effort. If you are having trouble producing a good essay, these platforms are meant to help you get your desired outcome. The skilled writers know how to align the most appropriate and necessary words to make a well-crafted piece.

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