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The messaging system is one of the most accessible and demanded means of communication on the Internet and in local networks.

The essence of the mail system is as follows:

  • open the mail application window;
  • select the “Write a letter” mode;
  • type the text of the letter;
  • specify the recipient’s address;
  • specify the subject of the letter;
  • select the command “Send immediately”, i.e. put in a mailbox located on a mail server;
  • the letter is taken from the mailbox by the postal service and delivered to the addressee’s mailbox.

Messaging is carried out through the interaction of two programs – mail server and mail client. Best email verification software – a mail server, installed, for example, at the provider, to receive mail over the Internet, or in the local network of the company for the exchange of messages between employees.

Mail clients are applications (for example, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, The Bat) that are installed on users’ computers that send or receive mail. All email clients have approximately the same interface, so it is enough to learn how to work with one of them.

To work with e-mail, you can use both mail clients and mail web interfaces, which are located on mail web servers. Using the web interface, you can work with mail directly on web mail servers. In terms of functionality, the web interface is as close as possible to mail programs.

WWW-based mail systems allow you to process mail messages on the Internet using a regular browser rather than an email program. They work on a 2-in-1 basis, combining the functions of an email server and an email client.

The use of the web interface is advisable when you need to send or receive correspondence from various computers with access to the Internet.

In order to get access to work with e-mail, you need to create a mailbox on one of the mail servers.

To create a mailbox, you need to register on one of the mail servers.

To work with mail programs (mail clients), they must be installed on a PC. Email is based on two applications: Simple Mail Transport Protokol (SMTP) and Post Office Protokol 3 (Post Office Protokol 3) or Internet Message Access ProtocoI (lMAP4) – the latest version).


To be able to send or receive mail using mail clients, you must create at least one account. An account is a set of data about a mail server user (name, email address, password for connecting to the server, names of incoming and outgoing mail servers). The creation of accounts is carried out in the mail program that you are using.

E-mail address

An email address has two parts, separated by the @ symbol. The characters that appear on the left side of the address (before the @ sign) are the recipient’s name or the name of the mailbox, it often coincides with the username. The right side of the email address that follows the @ sign is the domain name of the mail server where the mailbox is located and messages are stored.

Outlook Express Mail Application

Outlook Express is a Windows mail program that is very easy to use.

With Outlook Express, you can:

  • exchange e-mail messages;
  • create and maintain an address book for storing email addresses;
  • read and post to newsgroups.

After launching Outlook Express (Start / Programs / Outlook Express), the application window will appear on the screen, which is divided into three frames (three areas). The structure of the system folders is displayed in the left pane, the list of letters contained in the selected system folder is displayed in the upper right pane, and the contents of the folder where the cursor is located in the lower right pane.


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