Best Cyber Monday Mattress Deals

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. Some might even say it’s the biggest online shopping event. One of the big-ticket items shoppers seek to pick up at a significant discount is a new mattress. Buying a bed during Cyber Monday can easily save a shopper hundreds of dollars.

However, because so many sales are happening online, it can be challenging to parse through the best mattress deals. So we have three top-of-the-line suggestions to simplify your Cyber Monday shopping experience.


Amerisleep is our top recommendation when it comes to mattress brands due to their award-winning product line-up. Instead of pursuing the impossible dream that is a mattress suitable for everyone, Amerisleep’s mattresses fall into one of five firmnesses.

Their main mattress line includes the AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5 models. The AS1 is their firmest model while the AS5 is their softest, with the other three providing in-between feels to suit different sleep styles. All of the numbered mattresses are available as memory foam beds, while the AS2, AS3, and AS5 come as hybrid options too.

Each of these mattresses relies on a top layer of Bio-Pur® foam, Amerisleep’s unique variation on the classic memory foam formula. Unlike traditional memory foam, Bio-Pur® foam is plant-based, which gives it a more responsive and cooler feel than standard memory foam.

Amerisleep also offers the Organica, a natural latex hybrid with organic cotton and natural wool to promote a breathable, cushioning surface. The Organica has a medium feel that makes it suitable for most sleeping styles.

During their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, Amerisleep is offering $300 off their mattresses plus a free bedding bundle. Customers can also save 30% on an adjustable bed.


Zoma is a mattress brand focused on ensuring sleepers experience restorative rest. They designed their original Zoma Mattress with athletes’ well-being in mind. However, an active lifestyle isn’t needed to benefit from sleeping on a Zoma Mattress.

The original Zoma Mattress is a three-layered memory foam mattress with cooling gel memory foam and a transition layer of latex-like Reactiv™ foam. The mattress’s durable structure and spine support are enhanced from the Support+ base foam.

The Zoma Hybrid has a similar construction, with a top layer of gel memory foam and Reactiv™ foam resting on pocketed coils. The pocketed coils keep movements from rippling across a mattress, ensuring partners don’t disturb each other when they shift position or get out of bed.

During their Cyber Monday mattress sale, Zoma is offering $150 off plus free pillows with the classic Zoma Mattress and the Zoma Hybrid.


While our two other recommended brands certainly provide affordable mattresses, they don’t have it as their primary focus. In contrast, Vaya’s central tenet is to provide pure comfort at an inexpensive price, keeping a good night’s rest within almost anyone’s means.

Vaya offers two mattress models, the original Vaya Mattress and the newer Vaya Hybrid. The Vaya Mattress is a two-layer foam mattress designed to suit all sleeping styles. All sizes cost under $1000, helping sleepers upgrade their comfort on a budget.

The Vaya Hybrid costs a little bit more than the classic Vaya Mattress, but it’s still a highly affordable option when it comes to new mattresses, especially since hybrids incorporate more expensive materials.

For Vaya’s Cyber Monday sale, customers can save $300 on all mattress models and get a free pillow too.

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