Ben Roberts-Smith Trial Releases Images of Disputed “Cliff Killing” Site

For the first time, the public can see the “cliff” where Ben Roberts-Smith allegedly kicked an unarmed prisoner, as nine newspapers claimed to be an illegal SAS murder in the countryside of Afghanistan. increase.

On Tuesday, federal court released a high-resolution photo of the remote mountain village of Dhawan in Afghanistan, which was attacked by SAS in 2012.

Nine newspapers said Roberts-Smith kicked a handcuffed peasant named Ali Yang off a cliff and was executed by Allied Afghan soldiers in a dry stream bed below during the attack. Insist.

Roberts Smith denies Nine’s allegations and sues them for defamation, saying he has never committed unlawful killings while deployed during his famous military career. ..

Ali Yang’s nephew Mohammed Hanifa Fati has returned to the Witness Box for cross-examination by Roberts Smith’s legal team.

Lifelong Dhawan locals said they saw “blue eyes, brownish” and “big soldiers” kicking Ali Yang into a stream, but not him being dragged or shot. I told the court.

At the same time, the court uploaded a photo of Mr. Hanifa’s village.

The photo was marked by Roberts Smith during his own evidence a few weeks ago.

Roberts Smith marked an “A”, leaving much of the SAS squad when his troops pushed further into the village in the 2012 raid.

According to Roberts Smith, the compound marked “X” was not tested by the SAS army.

According to Roberts Smith’s evidence, point “B” represents the rooftop where his squad was waiting to be pulled out at the end of the mission.

However, “B” is also an approximate area where Nine claims that Roberts Smith kicked Ali Yang to the bed of a dry stream.

Mr Hanifa told the court that he was detained with Ali Yang and cross-examined by a “great soldier” and an interpreter with a gun in his head.

It was before the “big soldier” kicked Ali Yang into the stream, he told the court.

Roberts Smith and Nine’s lawyer sparred during his evidence of whether Darwan even had a cliff to kick someone out.

Elite soldiers seemed confused by the pictures and images showing steep embankments and slopes to streams.

“A cliff is a cliff-and it’s not a cliff for me,” Roberts Smith told the court.

Roberts Smith also marked a path down the embankment and through a stream in a photo of Darwan. SAS veterans say his troops walked on their way to the extraction helicopter.

The dotted line ends near what looks like a field of trees on the edge of a stream.

At that time, injured Ali Yang was executed by Afghan soldiers at the behest of SAS forces, according to Nine.

Hanifa said in this week’s evidence that he had traced blood on Ali Yang’s body under the berry tree-he said the bullet had torn from his uncle Step’s head, stomach and hands.

Roberts Smith told the court that the scene was actually where a SAS soldier known as Person 11 shot the Taliban’s “spotter.”

Roberts Smith told the court that a man shot in a cornfield was found with an ICOM radio on his body.

Emotional Hanifa said Ali Yang was not a Taliban spotter and never carried an ICOM radio used to relay information about the coalition forces to the local rebel network.

Hanifa also denied that his brother was a Taliban fighter after being cross-examined by Roberts Smith’s barrister Bruce McClintock SC.

However, Mr. Hanifa agreed with Mr. McClintock, he hated foreign soldiers, and they were known as “Infidels.”

“If they come to our house, go to our women. Of course, that’s what you call them — non-believers,” Hanifa replied.

“You call people killed by unfaithful soldiers” martyrs “, right? Roberts Smith’s lawyer, Bruce McClintock, asked him. “Yes, that’s it,” he said.

McClintock suggested that Hanifa’s brother had fought and died for the Taliban. Hanifa denied it, saying he died in a battle with his cousin after his brother was hit in the head with a stone.

He claimed that his family was a civilian, not a Taliban.

Courts have heard that SAS is clearing Dhawan in search of an Afghan soldier called Hekmatura, who was planted in the Afghan army as a Taliban mole.

Hekmatullah shot and killed three Australian diggers as he fled by playing cards at the base.

Prior to the assault on the village, Roberts Smith swam the Helmand River and killed a rebel called Mullah Gaffer. Hanifa told the court that he knew that the armed groups were known as “Abed” on the Taliban’s wireless network and had Kalashnikov rifles and magazines when they were killed.

Hanifa has repeatedly stated that the “big soldiers” wore wet sand uniforms.

The court also released a photo of a weapon seized in another assault on a compound known as Whiskey 108, which denied allegations that Roberts Smith had illegally killed a man with his prosthesis.

Ben Roberts-Smith Trial Releases Images of Disputed “Cliff Killing” Site

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