Ben Lawson Appears in CW Movie as John Walton Sr. – Deadline

CW Finished the cast of the original TV movie The Waltons of 11 people.. Ben Lawson (Fire fly lane) Starring as Patriarch John Walton Sr., previously announced participation Bellamy Young (scandal) Wife Olivia, Logan Shroyer (this is us) As John Boy and Richard Thomas, who first starred as John Boy Walton 11 people in my home As a series, “Narrator”.

The Waltons of 11 people
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Homecoming: Christmas Story A television movie that aired on December 19, 1971 and started a long-term series 11 people in my home, Created by Earl Hamner.

11 people in my home: homecoming Was set during the Great Depression of 1933 and was spoken through the eyes of John and Olivia Walton’s 17-year-old eldest son, John Boy. His mother expects John Boy to help her raise his sisters and brothers, and his father expects his father to follow in his footsteps to help him support his family, But secretly John Boy wants to be a writer. The 1933 era was tough enough, but what’s worse, it seemed to be Walton’s first Christmas without John Sr. After all, the family is thrilled when Olivia receives a letter that John Sr is planning to go home for Christmas. And compete to prepare for his return home. But when a storm threatens his arrival on Christmas Eve and John Sr. isn’t found anywhere, Olivia sends John Boy out at night to find his dad. This is a journey that will change John Boy’s life forever.

Lawson’s John Walton Sr. is 42 years old and is as sturdy as a jacket lined with horse leather flannel. He is the husband of Olivia (Bellamy Young) and the father of six children. He married Olivia at the age of 21, but John wasn’t a very practical Christian and was against the wishes of her family. John left his family’s farm to work at a factory in Charlottesville-but he’s been thinking long and hard about returning to land like his father. He goes home by bus to spend Christmas Eve with his family, but thanks to the winter storm and the bus accident, it’s a winding journey.

The cast ends with Marcel Le Blanc (Pen 15) As Mary Ellen Walton; Christian Finlayson (Welcome to Ozark) As Jason Walton; Tatam Matthews (Artifice Girl) As Erin Walton; Samuel Gergen (Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan) As Jim Bob Walton; Callaway Corrick as Elizabeth Walton. Rebecca Kuhn (Sharp things) As Grandma Walton; Alpha Trivet (Too close to Tyler Perry’s house) As Grandpa Walton; Marilyn McCoo as Sister Harriet and Billy Davis Jr. as Brother William. McCoo and Davis are the original stars and lead singers of the legendary group The 5th Dimension and recently appeared in daytime dramas. The days of our lives.

The Waltons of 11 people Produced by Magnolia Hill Productions in collaboration with Warner Bros. Television with Executive Producer Sam Haskel and Executive Producer Jim Strain. Lev L. Spiro is the director.

Ben Lawson Appears in CW Movie as John Walton Sr. – Deadline

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