Beirut Art Film Festival virtualized

Since January 14, 2021, in the midst of a blockade imposed on Lebanese, museums, galleries, and even film festival managers have refused to join hands. Through weekly and monthly initiatives, they seek to relieve people’s stress and boredom. People enjoy virtual tours of museums and exhibits, and movie screenings.

In this regard, the 6th edition of the Beirut Art Film Festival (BAFF) will screen a film every Sunday night. This is the documentary film “Churchill and the Movie Mogul” about Winston Churchill, starting on Sunday, January 31st. .. ”

Winston Churchill was more into the movie than any other politician in history. The true extent to which he used the film as a propaganda tool has not been investigated so far, the group says about the film.

Alice Mogabgab, director of the Beirut Arts and Film Festival, told Asharck al-Ausat: “I wanted to show this film to show the importance of the film’s role in the political world. Churchill used it to achieve his political goals and influence his colleagues in the UK and abroad. It was. “

“This movie shows how Churchill forced the United States to participate in World War II.”

She adds: “This film also sheds light on Alexander Korda’s personality. He has made many films that have had a huge impact on modern films, like Gone with the Wind.”

Mogabgab says everyone needs a break from the pandemic situation we live in today.

“That’s why I thought about holding the 6th edition of the festival virtually to show famous films. After Churchill’s film, 1 month until December next year, the date of the 7th edition of the festival. Share the list of new movies that will be screened. “

After the movie is over, a roundtable about it will be held.

Joseph Bahout, director of the Issam Fares Institute at American University in Lebanon, will attend to discuss the role of culture in politics in general.

Lebanese director Hady Zakak, a USJ professor, talks about Alexander Colva’s pioneering role in the film world and his work, especially with Winston Churchill. The roundtable is hosted by film director John Fleet, who talks about his filmmaking experience.

Beirut Art Film Festival virtualized

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