Barbara Streisand and Willie Nelson finish the duet

Barbra Streisand has rewritten the 2014 song “I’d Want It to Be You” as a new duet with Willie Nelson.

Barbra initially contacted Willie to appear on the track for the 2014 duet album Partners, but Blake Shelton to join the studio because Nelson’s part wasn’t ready by the release deadline. I decided to adopt it.

Well, Streisand has finally announced Nelson’s collaboration. This will be featured in her new rarity project, Release Me 2.

This compilation brings together songs from Streisand’s previously unreleased music vaults, including Be Aware and One Day (A Prayer), If Only You Were Mine with Barry Gibb, and Rainbow Connection with Kermit the Frog.

Includes covers for Carole King’s “You Light Up My Life” and Randy Newman’s “Living Without You”.

In the album notes, Streisand wrote:

“Whenever such magic happens, it’s very satisfying. However, if the arrangement doesn’t completely gel or the song doesn’t match the intended album tone, the tape is put in storage for storage. It may be put in.

“Working with Release Me in this second volume was a wonderful and memorable path,” she adds. “It’s a chance to revisit, and in some cases, add a final instrumental touch to a song that resonates with me in a meaningful way.”

Release Me 2 will hit retailers on August 6, nine years after the original project began.



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Barbara Streisand and Willie Nelson finish the duet

Source link Barbara Streisand and Willie Nelson finish the duet

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