Barack and Michelle Obama Make Surprise Appearances on ‘Descendents’ – Deadline

Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival kicked off Friday night with a documentary film. descendantsNetflix and a Higher Ground production of Barack and Michelle Obama, the former president and first lady were the surprise guests on opening night.

Directed by Margaret Brown, descendantsThe film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, follows members of Africatown, a small community in Alabama, as they share their personal stories and community histories as descendants of the Clotilda. America.

When the film was first introduced by festival founders Stephanie and Floyd Lance, they brought in directors who introduced Oscar-winner Aamir “Questlove” Thompson. He spoke briefly before inviting his “friends” to the stage. Those friends were the Obamas, who happen to have a house on Martha’s Vineyard.

Michelle Obama first spoke about reaching out to elders and listening to their stories and legacies.

“We need to encourage young people to reach out to existing elders,” she said. Why don’t you ask some of those questions?”

She continued to talk about the documentary and what is important to American history.AdventIt’s a reminder of the power of stories we have. ”

Next, President Obama told the audience about Clotilda’s descendants and why it’s essential to hear their stories.

“This documentary captures an important chapter of our history that is too often distorted, forgotten and buried.” We talked about why we want to connect with

“For the people of Africatown, this was a story of pain and tremendous hardship, but also of strength, resilience and overcoming.”

Stacey Abrams, Reverend Al Sharpton, and former Atlanta mayor Kesha Lance Bottoms also appeared at the screening.

AdventExploring the implications of Clotilda’s discovery for descendants who struggle with their heritage while claiming the power to shape their own destinies, won Creative Vision’s Special American Jury Award at Sundance.

Barack and Michelle Obama Make Surprise Appearances on ‘Descendents’ – Deadline

Source link Barack and Michelle Obama Make Surprise Appearances on ‘Descendents’ – Deadline

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