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You asked, and we delivered. As a loyal reader of The Courier, you said you wanted a news app. You wanted a better mobile reading experience. Live news feed. A better digital version of today’s paper. We heard. And after more than 6 months of development and testing, we’re happy to release a new app with all these features and more. Courier’s news app is officially published on both iOS and Android devices. You can download it from the Apple Store and Google Play. Along with your feedback, the app also provides readers with faster-loading articles and live feeds for your favorite content sections. To further improve the user experience, the app can be read offline. This means you can download headlines and today’s treatises at home and read them wherever you are, whether you’re commuting in the morning, in a coffee shop, or while you’re there. I am enjoying summer vacation on the beach. Pat Nolan, acting editor of Courier, said the release of the app will bring even greater value to subscribers. “Our readers have long sought a new app for The Courier, and we’re excited to finally provide our subscribers with a fast and clean reader experience.” The Courier app is only available to digital subscribers. .. New subscribers can sign up for the app or go directly to our website. Over the next few weeks to months, we will monitor your feedback and continue to listen to it. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email us at Of course, if you like the new app, give it a 5-star rating on the App Store and let your friends know. Thank you for reading The Courier. We love new apps and I think you will. Download the app to your iOS or Android device now.


Ballarat Courier News App Released for iOS and Android | Courier

Source link Ballarat Courier News App Released for iOS and Android | Courier

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