Balenciaga debuts digital epic for fall 21 campaign

Balenciaga We premiered a digital short film as part of our Fall 2009 campaign.Unlike Afterworld: Tomorrow’s Era In the game, we have no control over the story. Instead, the CGI protagonist tracks the women in line and then encounters them in augmented reality. Afterworld..

The protagonist, wearing an AR headset, navigates a series of dystopian and occasionally idyllic environments featuring casts of characters wearing works from the Autumn collection. His romantic interests manifest over and over again before he leaves the game. He then reunited with the women, both of whom glitched through their identities and lived in 37 looks from the fall campaign.

by Showtime studioThe campaign was directed and produced by video game developer Quantic Dream and created by using motion capture to create animated versions of real people. See it below.

Balenciaga continues to pivot from luxury fashion houses to reputable media brands. It’s not just about making couture, it’s about getting people to talk. As mentioned at the afterworld premiere, Balenciaga no longer competes solely with Louis Vuitton and Dior, but plays in a completely different stadium than Travis Scott and Netflix.

Gvasalia’s aesthetic has transformed Balenciaga from one of several stars in the fashion sky into its own universe. Once again, they took advantage of the most valuable element of luxury: that fashion is an escape.

Balenciaga debuts digital epic for fall 21 campaign

Source link Balenciaga debuts digital epic for fall 21 campaign

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