AVG Secure VPN Review: Easy-to-use VPN for well-known security brands

Overview of AVG Secure:

  • Allowed P2P: Yes
  • Office: Czech Republic
  • Number of servers: Over 700
  • Number of country locations: 35
  • price: $ 59.88 / year
  • VPN protocol: OpenVPN
  • Data encryption: AES-256
  • Data authentication: Make decisions on the fly and change frequently
  • handshake: Make decisions on the fly and change frequently

Every time I come across an antivirus company that runs its own VPN network, I’m surprised. With so many antivirus providers using the white label services of major VPN providers, you rarely find a security company responsible for your own programming. The subject of today’s review, AVG Secure, is even more amazing. AVG is owned by Avast, which also owns the well-known (or notorious from your point of view) HMA (Hide My Ass) VPN.

Despite that connection, Avast Secure does not use the HMA network, nor does Avast. Instead, the two antivirus brands share a VPN network between them, making HMA unique. It’s rare and makes little sense. Still, it’s always nice to see antivirus companies take VPNs seriously enough to run their own networks.

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avgsecureconnected IDG

AVG secure with active connection.

Features and services

When you open AVG Secure, you’ll quickly see similarities with other AVG apps, such as: AVG Internet Security.. For example, the title bar is almost a carbon copy of other AVG apps. In the upper left corner is the AVG logo along with the product name. On the right side is the “Hamburger” menu icon, as well as a close and minimize buttons. The background design is also very similar.

Dive into the main part of the app and you’ll find a large on / off slider in the center of the screen. Below that are two tiles. The first tile shows the location of the country you chose to connect to, and the second tile shows your current IP address. Once connected, this tile also shows the new VPN IP and how long the connection was active.

avgsecurecountrylist IDG

List of AVG Secure country locations.

Finally, under the two tiles Change region button. Go to the server list. AVG Secure has a neat and organized list of servers. Companies are organized by country, but some major powers are organized by city. For example, in the United States, there are server options such as “USA, Atlanta,” “USA, Dallas,” and “USA, Phoenix.”

The server list has a rail on the left where you can see all the servers, drill down by continent, and find streaming and P2P servers. AVG supports Netflix and other VPN-sensitive streaming services in Germany, the UK, and the US, but in my tests it was a bit strange. For example, when I connected to AVG’s US streaming server, I was convinced that Netflix I was in the UK, not the US.

Jump into the settings below Menu> Settings Not much here. You have the option to start AVG Secure (instead of connecting) when you start your computer, and the option to enable local device access. The latter is for accessing devices on your local network, such as printers, when VPN is enabled.

AVG Secure VPN Review: Easy-to-use VPN for well-known security brands

Source link AVG Secure VPN Review: Easy-to-use VPN for well-known security brands

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