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Australian Prime Minister stands beside the minister accused of rape

Canberra, Australia (AP) —Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison stands by an unnamed Prime Minister on Monday in opposition to a call for resignation on the grounds of allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl more than 30 years ago. It was.

The allegations are in the cabinet of 22 Ministers of Morrison, creating clouds hanging above 16 men, fostering cultural dissatisfaction within Congress, which is toxic to women.

The allegations were included in an anonymous letter sent to the Prime Minister’s Office and three female lawmakers last week.

The letter contained a statement from plaintiffs detailing her allegations of rape that occurred in New South Wales in 1988.

A non-publicly nominated woman filed a complaint with police at the age of 49 before taking her life in June.

Morrison said the unnamed minister “violently and completely denied the allegations.”

Morrison said he forwarded the letter to police and discussed the allegations with the Federal Police Commissioner. Morrison said he would not take any further action.

“There can be no situation where simply making a claim and publishing it through the media would simply be a reason for the government to evict people based on it,” Morrison told reporters.

The Minister’s Code of Conduct states that “if a minister is subject to an official investigation into allegations of illegal or improper conduct, the minister should stand aside.”

Some people in the government claim that her allegations are no longer under official police investigation because the plaintiff has died and is unlikely to be convicted.

Senator Sarah Hanson Young, a minor member of the Greens Party who received the anonymous letter, said the minister would have to resign until an independent investigation by a former judge took place.

“It’s not correct to suggest that this kind of claim could be protracted and hang above the entire cabinet,” she told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“Sitting around the table undermines the confidence, integrity and belief that the government takes sexual assault seriously,” she added.

Michael Bradley, managing partner of Marque Lawyers, who represented the plaintiff when she filed a complaint with police, said she died and could not resolve the allegations through the criminal justice system. The minister should resign while several independent investigations are examining the evidence, Bradley said.

“His position is clearly unsupportable, so he has to stand aside or set aside until he can address and resolve this issue,” Bradley said.

“I don’t personally know how he can continue to serve as Prime Minister with this hanging in his head,” Bradley added.

The disclosure will take place two weeks after Morrison apologized in Congress to a former government official who claimed to have been raped by a senior colleague in the minister’s office two years ago.

Brittany Higgins quit his job in January, initially did not file a proceeding, and then resumed complaints to the police because he felt it would affect employment.

A non-publicly appointed colleague was fired for a security breach after taking Higgins to the minister’s office after a night of heavy drinking.

The other three women have alleged sexual misconduct against the same man since Higgins published her complaint. A government official who claimed to have raped her last year told an Australian weekend newspaper that the attack would not have happened if the government supported Higgins’ first complaint.

Another woman claimed that a man had sexually abused her prior to the 2016 election, and another woman accused him of reaching under the table and touching her feet in 2017. ..

Morrison responded to Higgins’ public complaints by appointing government member Celia Hammond to work with political parties to investigate the culture of the Capitol, improve workplace standards, and protect staff.

Hammond and Opposition Labor Senator Penny Wong also received an anonymous letter about the alleged rape in 1988.

Mr Wong said he met the plaintiff in 2019 and said he elaborated on her allegations against a man who was not in parliament in 1988.

“I facilitated referrals to her rape assistance service and confirmed that she was assisted in reporting the issue to NSW police,” Wong said in a statement.

Australian Prime Minister stands beside the minister accused of rape

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