August 8 Summary of Xinhua World News at 1030 GMT

Kabul-Taliban militants conquered a major part of the city of Saripur, the capital of northern Saripur, on Sunday. According to local officials, this is the second capital of Nimruz after the fall of Sibergan to the Taliban in the last three days.

“Most of the city of Saripur has fallen into Taliban militants this morning and fighting continues between government troops and Taliban fighters,” officials told Xinhua, but authoritative officials told the media. Said to discuss with. (Afghanistan-Taliban-Battle)


New Delhi-Authorities at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, the capital of India, have stepped up security measures after police received an email threatening a bomb attack, local media reports said.

According to an official airport statement, the investigation revealed that the threat was “non-specific,” and the Bomb Threat Assessment Committee withdrew from the airport. (India-Airport-Bomb Threat)


Chicago-Chicago police officers were killed in a shooting on Saturday night in the South Side region of the United States, and another was seriously injured, local media reported.

According to the local government quoted by the media, both officers were taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where one of the female officers was sentenced to death and the other was in crisis. (USA-Chicago-Shooting)

August 8 Summary of Xinhua World News at 1030 GMT

Source link August 8 Summary of Xinhua World News at 1030 GMT

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