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Number 11 is number 1 again.

Thirty-two years after he was first selected in the NFL Draft, Jeff George was the first quarterback to be elected to the Illinois Athletics Hall of Fame.

Josh Whitman, an athletic director from Indianapolis, is said to be in a class of 15 people in 2022, which was released on June 6th.

The three are from football, George joins the late Bill Barrel and former team MVP, and longtime athletic director Ron Gwenser represents the Memorial Stadium.

George appeared on WDWS’s “Sports Talk” last week after receiving the big news. He said everything right.

“I was really proud and honored when I received the call,” said George. “It was really good to hear.”

Being the first quarterback in Illinois Hall is a big problem. This position has a strong tradition, with Jack Trudeau, Tony Eason, Kurt Kitner, Nathan Sealhaas and Juice Williams in the highest ranks.

Trudeau should be the next class or two, if possible, to be selected next. He remains a school career leader in the transit yard.

George spent his first year at Purdue University and played for the late Leon Burtnett. George moved to Illinois after Bartnet was kicked out following the 1986 season.

Due to the rules of Big Ten at the time, George had to pay his way in Illinois. There are no scholarships. Of course, the cost was much lower 35 years ago.

What was it

At that time, there was no transfer portal. If the player wanted to change schools, he had to sit for the full season.

That was George’s fate in 1987. He actually burned the defense of the first string, but couldn’t help in the game.

There was no quarterback like George in the 1987 eligible roster. Scott Mohr, Brian Menkhausen and Peter Freund split the start.

The defense was decent, but the attack struggled. The team scored only 153 points. This is Mike White’s lowest total of eight seasons. The team finished 3-7-1 and White was shown the door.

If the transfer rules were today, White might have survived. With Slinger George in the field, the attack may have helped turn a close combat (and a tie with Michigan) into victory over Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

White was a major reason George arrived in Illinois. It’s easy to imagine a quarterback that White is thriving by calling a play.

Good luck

The change in coaching in Illinois was disturbing at the time, but didn’t seem to have affected George’s performance.

He worked very well with White’s successor, John McKovich. The switch was smooth.

“It was really easy,” George said. “Both carried out the same type of professional-style attack.”

George is a fan of McKovich.

“I have to say that John McKovich was the best coach I’ve ever played, which prepared me weekly, weekly,” George said. “By the time I was a (professional) rookie playing with Colts in 1990, I was very ready and ready to go. Seeking a better coach to play under. I couldn’t. “

McKovich has never failed to qualify for a bowl in four seasons in Illinois. George led the team to the first two, the 1988 All-American Bowl and the 1990 Florida Citrus Bowl.

The ’89 team was 10-2 and the two defeats were 8th in Colorado and 3rd in Michigan. Illinois surprised Fifth Southern Cal with an opener comeback in the fourth quarter. Before it was moved to Los Angeles, it was supposed to be a Russian Glasnost bowl. Probably a wise decision.

At the beginning of George’s radio appearance, a clip of the late Keith Jackson calling ABC was played.

“And Irini led 14-13 at 2:19,” the legend said.

“I heard it cool my back,” George said. “It’s like yesterday. It’s one of the best memories of Irini.”

Busy person

George, 54, spent last week in Miami.

His youngest, Jaden, has joined the hurricane after starting his career in Alabama. Young George has three years of qualifications.

“He’s my last, so I need to enjoy it while he’s still young,” said Jeff George.

George owns the Dairy Queen franchise in Indiana. He is also involved in the real estate and insurance business.

“I got it all,” he said.

Asmussen | George “Proud and Honored” Ilini Hall Phone | Sports

Source link Asmussen | George “Proud and Honored” Ilini Hall Phone | Sports

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