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Champaign — On Monday, Heisman Trophy votes will be from voters across the country. It’s like an election, where each state is given part of its decision making.

Illinois has 21 votes and represents television, radio, newspapers and websites. It is a wide geographic mix from the top to the bottom of the state. I have one of the votes.

And usually the choice is obvious. Not this year.

The best team, Georgia, does not have a star player in one of its aggressive skill positions.

Alabama has a great quarterback, Bryce Young. Bryce Young was able to chase last year’s winner with wide receiver DeVonta Smith. But in his last match, near miss against mediocre Auburn, Young was far less than Heissmany. He did not complete half of the pass, and after being fired seven times, Crimson Tide won 24-22 in four extra times.

In addition, he faces a monster test on Saturday afternoon against Georgia in the SEC title game. With a 300-yard win over two TDs and a bulldog, he could trap Heisman. Unless it goes the other way around. Unless Young struggles to complete 288 of the 418 passes with 3,901 yards, 40 touchdowns and four intercepts, and Crimson Tide drops out of the playoffs.

If that happens, and I think it can happen, it opens the Heisman controversy to many other positions. Including — Gasping — Defense Man.

It’s been 24 years since I heard someone other than quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers call his name in New York.

It was Charles Woodson’s defensive back, who won the 1997 Heisman Trophy when he led Michigan to half of the national title.

Since Woodson, Heisman has become 17 quarterbacks, 5 running backs and 1 receiver.

Another Wolverine? The next defender to beat Heisman could play at Woodson’s alma mater in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Check out the Vegas odds for the Heisman Trophy. At the top of the list is Aidan Hutchinson, the defensive end of Wolverines.

Seniors have 13 bags, the third in the country. He confuses the game and it’s painful to counter the aggressive coordinator. They always have to know where number 97 is.

The NFL also noticed him. Hutchinson will be ranked top in the 2022 draft. This is not so important in Heisman’s argument, but he says he has a unique talent.

Second place Michigan won an impressive victory over rival Ohio State University and won its first trip to the Big Ten title game. Defeating Iowa on Saturday night at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Michigan will certainly win a bid for the College Football Playoff. Another first of a program that has been regularly ruined by the Birth of the Season.

Some Heisman voters hesitate to vote for players who do not touch the ball. Woodson was helped by his candidacy because he was an outstanding returner and saw some snaps on his receivers that season.

Woodson proved that 1997 voters were right by being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Many predict that Hutchinson will have similar success, but that should not affect voting.

Except for that.

Others Notable Who, if not Young or Hutchinson?

There seems to be a mix of two outstanding defensive players, Jordan Davis, Georgia’s defensive tackle, and Wil Anderson, Alabama’s linebacker. Davis is a 6-foot, 6-inch, 340-pound man’s mountain, causing confusion at the Line of Scrimmage, one of the country’s best defenses. Anderson is a Crimson Tide playmaker with 85 tackles and 14 1/2 sack.

And there are lots of competing quarterbacks and running backs. Ohio State University’s CJ Stroud had Heisman momentum until he lost to Michigan. He doesn’t have another game to help his purpose, but he threw 3,862 yards, 38 touchdowns and 5 intercepts in his first season of college football.

Michigan State University, carrying Kenneth Walker III, is in the midst of a monster season with a 1,636-yard rush yard and 18 touchdowns. Kenny Pickett (4,066 yards, 40 touchdowns, 7 intercepts) in the pit quarterback and Matt Corral (3,339 yards, 20 TDs, 4 INTs) in Mississippi are also worth considering to guide the team to a successful season.

We will know together at 7 pm on December 11th when the Heisman Trophy winners will be announced.

My secret ballot will not be held until all games are finished this Saturday. And at this moment, I’m wide open. Voters should be.

You can contact Bob Asmussen at 217-393-8248 or by email.

Asmussen | Defensive players deserve the Heisman Trophy.Seriously | Sports

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