Art Center Melbourne Announces Art and Disability Festival ALTER STATE

Arts Center Melbourne When Arts Access Victoria Announced Change state, Major arts and festivals for the disabled.

Alter State will begin at Launch Event Week in November this year and will be built for the 2022 Main Festival. Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand) will host live performances, talks and workshops celebrating contemporary disability art.

“Alter State is more than a wonderful art presentation. It’s a two-year journey of artists exploring creativity shaped by geographic location and history, telling local stories, and programmatically exploring new approaches to Access. Sow and imagine a diverse future, “said Wendionil, creative producer at Art Center Melbourne, co-leader of Access & Inclusion and Alterstate.

“It’s been years since Victoria hosted a large cross-art form event to platform the work of hearing-impaired and disabled artists. Great examples in other states and elsewhere in the world. I’ve seen it, but it’s important to feel it again in the backyard, “said Caroline Bowditch, CEO of Arts Access Victoria and co-leader of Alter State.

“This sector and community are missing out on the opportunity to share stories and wisdom together and share the amazing talents and experiences that hearing-impaired and disabled artists can bring.”

Joshua Pether has helped develop Alter State with fellow Foundation artists Rodney Bell and Carly Findlay OAM.

“I think this festival is not only a platform to showcase the performances of artists with disabilities, but importantly, it’s a place where the community can talk and provoke dialogue about what they want to see in the future. . “Pezer says.

“Based on these conversations, we want to deepen the rigor of practice and apply it to performances and the work we create. If you create it slowly and systematically, you will find Australian disability art. It has the potential to change the face and become a major player. The artistic community of Melbourne and the artistic voice of the Pacific region. “

Alter State will be released in November 2021.

The opening event includes two commissions-one Metro Tunnel Creative Program Other parts of the UK / Australia season, British Culture Promotion Association Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Details of this event will be announced in early September 2021.

For more information https://www.artscentremelbourne.com.au/festival-and-series/alter-state-announce#about..

Art Center Melbourne Announces Art and Disability Festival ALTER STATE

Source link Art Center Melbourne Announces Art and Disability Festival ALTER STATE

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